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Mon, Jan 21, 2013 3:44 PM

Charges for LTE that I was not told about

I was wondering why AT&T feels it necessary to charge an additional $40 a month on top of the $70 per device I am already paying for Family Share? It would have been nice to have been warned that you were doing this when I either purchased my phones or before you turned the service on in my area (both as of November 2012). Can I opt out of LTE and use HSPDA+ like I was on my previous device?


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8 years ago

Hey, I'm not sure what plan you're referring to, can you please give more details about it. There is no extra charge for LTE, in fact all data plan have always been billed the same price regardless of the network they use. I believe there is some sort of confusion on your part, we can explain, please provide more details about your plan. It sounds like you have a Mobile Share plan, is that correct? If so, you pay $70 per account, it's a one charge that covers up to 10 lines, for 4 GB of data and then $40 per smartphone for plan access which gives them that data, unlimited calls and texts ($30 for basic phones, $20 Laptops, Aircards and Mi-Fi, $10 Tablets and Gaming devices).



Mobile Share plan with 4 GBs, unlimited minutes and texts, 3 smartphones, 1 flip phone and 1 tablet:

$70 for data.

$40 smartphone 1

$40 smartphone 2

$40 smartphone 3

$30 flip phone

$10 tablet

= $230 total before taxes. 


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8 years ago

It is stated in the info, before you agree to the terms. Always review everything, before signing the contract, or making any changes. The Family Share has a base price, then yes there is a price per unit charge, for each device. It has nothing to do with LTE.

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