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Sat, Jul 4, 2020 7:49 AM

Can’t log into my AT&T account, haven’t received a detailed bill by email or mail since November.

I’ve had this issue since November 2019. I have not been able to see a bill since then. I don’t know what I owe on my devices. I have to pay my bill on blind faith through the automated text option because the (Edited per community guidelines) in billing at customer service try to charge me a 5 dollar fee EVERY (Edited per community guidelines)ing time. No one, NO ONE, has been able to fix the problem. When I joined AT&T I also joined DirectTV for a combined account. They didn’t say (Edited per community guidelines) about the headache it would become after I joined the 2 accounts. I canceled my Direct TV in March of 2019 when my DirectTV contract was up. I’ve chatted with people, I’ve called customer service and stayed on the phone for hours at a time, I’ve gone into the store because I’m fed up with customer service. No one can seem to fix the problem. I’ve gotten fed so many lines of bull (Edited per community guidelines) it's unbelievable. Here are some of the lies they have fed me: “It’s a company wide issue with our updates,” “I will put in a work order and it will get fixed,” “we can’t fix the problem,” and so on, and so on. AT&T  has created 2 accounts for me WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. Both accounts show a ZERO balance and say that my first bill is not ready yet. It hasn’t been ready since NOVEMBER and I’ve been with AT&T since 2017. Both accounts show all of my devices. I don’t know if I’m being double charged or not. I see AT&T is paying out a huge settlement for lying about it’s unlimited data plans. I’m seriously thinking about seeking legal assistance myself. I see a lot of the same problem with other people on this forum. I’m sure they would love to tell their side of the story. I have kept all of my chat records and notes, and I bet all of my phone calls have been recorded with note documentation on my account. So I know there is no lack of evidence. I am a firm believer that I should be able to see my bill before I pay it, but if I don’t pay it AT&T will charge me a late fee. I would bet money there is a law somewhere that states you have to provide me with a bill as part of your service, and I haven’t received a bill since NOVEMBER. I WANT THIS PROBLEM FIXED, AND I DON’T WANT SOME (Edited per community guidelines) LINK TO FIX IT OR STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS. IT’S NOT MY JOB TO FIX IT. 



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6 months ago

If you log into your account online you should be able to see the history of your bills, verify if you are on paperless billing or traditional paper bill, and see if the email address/mailing address for the bills is correct. These settings are self-fixed.


However, if your account shows all the correct info but bill is not being received, then you would need to call AT&T and discuss with customer care. One thing I would ask of the agent is to check to see if the number of bill copies are set to zero/none. Apparently several companies' system doesn't have a minimum of 1 bill to be sent, so an option of 0 could be on the account in error. Not something a lot of agents would consider, as logically at least 1 should go out.


Because of the ongoing hassle, when you next call AT&T I would suggest when you get the voice system say "cancel" so that you are routed to their retention department. Normally that is staffed by more experienced agents, and of course if needed you can request a supervisor.


If you are on paper bills and everything else is correct to where it should go out, then I would switch to paperless/email billing as that suggests an issue with mail delivery.


Most companies now have something like the $5 phone transaction fee for things like payments that are expected to be well within the control of the customer. Paying online, over the phone with the voice system, or mailing in payments are still available with no transaction charge.


It may not be your job to fix a technical issue, but there are a few things to check within your control, and posting here will not fix the problem as this is a customer to customer forum. So we can only give suggestions on things to try that may resolve. Otherwise if your actions are unsuccessful, that is when you speak to customer support.

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