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Thursday, January 26th, 2023 3:17 PM

cancelling a new cell phone account

I'm representing my 99 year old mother, Freda Harmon, and am her acting POA. Totally unknown to me she recently was persuaded by her great, great granddaughter to purchase a new I-phone 14, along with the air time. Soon after doing this my mother, Freda Harmon, had a medical emergency and is now confined to a constant care nursing home. She now has no disposable income to pay for the new phone and has no assets of value to settle the account.

I'm left with only 2 options, 1. do nothing and the debt would just hang unresolved, forever. or, 2. return new phone and pay $500 on my own as an offer in good faith to settle the account.

I considered offering that the great, great granddaughter take over account but she has no income and no credit.

I've tried unsuccessfully to negotiate with the local store here in Quincy, Illinois where the phone was purchased and with a representative on the phone,  Neither were helpful. I hope you will consider this a good faith attempt to settle this matter. Please advise asap so we can all move on.

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10 months ago

This is a public forum, not customer support. Please remove your personal information. You should not post an account number or your mom’s name. Unless you are within the 14 day return window, returning the phone is not an option. You can certainly cancel the account using your poa but if there are no assets to pay off the phone, cancelling won’t accomplish anything other than preventing further service charges. Your best move is option #1, just stop paying the bill. Service will eventually get suspended and the account closed. ATT will report that to the credit bureaus which will impact your mother’s credit score but is that a concern? They will also eventually sell the debt to a debt collector but not likely any debt collector would be able to reach your mom in the nursing home.

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