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Thu, Sep 20, 2018 6:01 PM


I signed up with ATT on Jan 8..2018...I was a verizon customer...we took a bogo deal on 2 note 8s...I cancelled spectrum and signed up with direct tv to qualify. 

As of today...9.20.18 NO bogo credits received

I've made 49 calls to ATT


THERES AN ICU CASE OPEN WITH AN ENDLESS RESOLUTION DATE. I'm spending 279 on wireless and 200 on direct tv...I am s new customer and att is committing fraud...if I cancel everything it'll go on my credit...I've done everything they said...and they lied to me about promotion...they don't care. I want every dime I've spent refunded. Bogo was promised that's why we switched and ATT IS COMMITTING FRAUD....HELP WHAT CAN I DO...I HAVE APPT WITH ATTORNEY SCHEDULED




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2 years ago

Wow - you just described my situation exactly!  I was just searching to see if this has happened to others.  I signed up for BOGO in mid-2018. In December, the credits still had not started.  I've called 6 times and spent at least 3 hours on the phone with AT&T.  I continued to be promised that there was no problem, the credits will kick in, right up until the last call I made where they then told me I wasn't eligible.  Over the course of the 6 calls, I was told the sales store didn't enter the order in correctly to begin with. I was told the help desk entered a back office ticket only to be told a month later that they didn't actually enter a ticket.  I was told numerous times the help desk would call me back only to never receive a call.  I was given a case # only to be told later by another agent that the case number they gave me was an old one from 2016.  I escalated to the manager on duty twice and assured that they would get it corrected.  I'm still waiting.  Please let me know if you have any success.  My next step was going to be to go back into the sales office and raise a stink.  I see many others posting similar stories on this community.  This is not acceptable.



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2 years ago

Thank you for sharing.  I saw this deal advertised and was intrigued.  I will stay away from any further deals from AT&T thanks to your helpful warning.




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2 months ago

Hello @plago,

Oops! Seems like your comment got posted twice. Deleting one of your comments now.

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