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Sun, May 13, 2018 3:56 PM


How it is with ATT so different and not transparent in information and service they provide
I wanted to unlock device, so as I happen to att store on unrelated issue I asked them procedure
- ATT store told that they can do it but first I need to pay remaining amount on phone which I did right there, but once I paid mount they informed me the rest of the procedure I need to do it on my own from computer

- I started doing it from computer at that time I came to know I need to wait 24 hrs

- I waited 24 hrs and then I tried again, website telling me the same error message that I need to pay for device first
- I called 611, they asked me to wait few more hours

- I tried online chat, same thing

- I end up waiting another 24 hrs and tried again, same error message

- I called customer service and they asked me to wait again, when I argued he stopped talking on phone at all but leaving line open

- I placed another call to customer service and this time name was Quel (not sure right or wrong), now she suggested for me to wait 15 days after some argument she suggested I might need to wait another 23 days to complete my billing cycle, now I tried searching in google in and no where it mentioned. When I asked more information she suggested me to go to att store which was closed as Sunday, she suggested me to wait till Monday but then I have planned to fly out way early in Monday before store opens

- In short, online chat, 611 customer support, store - none of them provide full information and provide information which is not correct and have no mention on site, so either they are stupid or they are not having/learning correct information

- Also Billing is another isues, when i changed plan it was told my corporate account discount will be added back after 1st billing cycle, i waited for 2 billing cycle and it havent restored, When I called customer service they asked me to go to store where I got my plan change, till now I have called more then 10 times wasted 40+ hrs with customer care as well as two visit to the store where got plan changed and discount is still not placed back after 5-6 months. Last time I talked to customer care I specifically asked for case / ticket incident number on issue and he provided me on to give it at store but when i get to store they said there is no case number like what I have was ever open under my or any account. that number was not exist. So someone just lying

Result : Time to move out of att - put this out on social media, support Trump to stop ATT and TimeWarner merger, we cant let disoriented service go bigger then

Advise : Stay away from ATT if you are looking for good service

Irony : I was calling them using my att cell phone without speaker / headphone and they were complaining they are not able to hear me properly

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If you pay off a phone, it can take up to a complete bill cycle for the unlock portal to get that information from the billing system.   Which should have been the answer you were given, so that anything sooner would be a nice surprise.  


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