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Fri, Aug 14, 2020 9:21 AM

Billing Nightmare Please someone help me

Hello everyone, so my family has been with AT&T for over 30 years. Generally, we were happy we paid our bills, got working service so on. One day I went into a local store to get a tablet line removed because we didn't use it all for the past 3 years we paid for it. You would think it would be a simple process but wrong. The woman I worked with told me I needed to call in which I did in the store, the rep I woke with told me I couldn't remove it till the end of my bill. Anyway, while I was at the store the lady was telling me about the unlimited elite plan. With my discount from work and if I were to sign up for autopay and paperless billing 3 lines on that plan would come out to $180.63 which was only about a $1 more than what I was paying for a older mobile share data plan when I had that 4th tablet line. So I thought what the heck.
So she told me she would put the changes through at the end of my bill cycle so I didn't have pro rated charges. However, she put it through that day. So another call had to be made to get things correct. I spent 4 hours in the store that day to have nothing be resolved. So I called in on a day off I had to try again to remove the tablet. I also spoke and recorded this call in full to see about the unlimited plan. This time progress was made. However, now that my new plan change has occurred I am still getting a pro rated charge. No one at ATT will tell me why, and instead of being credited for your mess up I got a measly $35. Through this whole shabang I have spent enough time on the phone to have easily had this paid off. I am so angry at this point for the gross incompetence. I have been patient and understanding but honest to god, this is why I don't do autopay with AT&T and this whole experience has been laughable. Never have I had to deal with a company that makes the process of doing business so difficult. If this doesn't get resolved I am taking my lines and going to Verizon. Even if it costs me more I will do it out of spite discount be darned.



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a month ago

You have to call at&t (its policy with all carriers) to cancel a line.  

If the cost difference between your previous plan in your new plan is only one dollar the prorated charges should not amount to more than a $1 either.   Assuming your discounts are on the bill.  ARE THEY?
(AT&T does not prorate canceled lines or canceled service. So you would be paying for the tablet line for the full month anyway.)
   How long ago?   Your employee discount may take 2 months to verify, so that credit may not have started yet.   Thats an extra $10 per line discount.  
    Are you signed up for auto pay and paperless billing?  If not, thats $30 a month in discounts you wont get.  
    Thats potentially $60 in discounts.   


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