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Wed, Nov 19, 2014 1:07 PM

bill too high

Ok so the guy working at the at&t store showed me what my phone bill was gonna be after everything had been added in, x amount of data, several extras, and tax....first bill was $150 higher than what he said it'd be(but I did get a new phone so that had something to do with it) but I figured it would go down to the advertised amount after the first bill but the bill is still 25% higher than what I was told it would be. Anybody else have this prob?





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6 years ago

The first bill probably has 2 billing cycles attached to it, so that's why that one was higher.


As for the 2nd bill being higher than you expected. When you went over the charges with the rep, did you talk about what taxes and fees would be associated with your monthly bill? These can add up pretty quickly and if you are on some of the lower tier plans, they can be a significant portion of your bill. 


For example I only have TV and Internet, but my taxes and fees add up to about $25. If I add in the HD fee and the extra receiver fees then it would add another $26 to my fee list.

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