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Fri, Jan 17, 2020 2:05 AM

Bill received after giving Sprint as asked & confused why I'm being billed

To Whom It May Concern at AT&T,

Admittedly I switched from AT&T to Sprint because the Sprint store employees on I10& 1604 in San Antonio Texas said it would be easy for me to switch services as the plan was cheaper and after asking many questions to the Sprint employees and explaining my Psalm Sunday 2000 head injury and the after effects of, they told me I had nothing to worry about. I completed the paperwork they said I needed to on their tablet despite my headaches turning to migraines and they said they verified everything for me was good to go. I returned to that store every day several days in a row asking questions to verify as well as try to learn the new device which I'm still having issues trying to figure out; and then last month after a long phone call I took my stuff to the Sprint store in Buda Texas and the female on the phone for Sprint confirmed with the male manager at Sprint saying I was good to go.

Today I received a bill from AT&T which Im not able to know, understand, nor comprehend what I did wrong. I was told multiple times by multiple employees I had nothing to worry about and now I have a bill I don't get as to what I did wrong.

What can be done to fix this situation as soon as possible, please?

As you know from my account records I have a habbit of making sure my bills are taken care of, and not doing anything to waste time making sure; especially because of multiple aspects I have explained to your employees on the phone. I admit to switching from AT&T to Sprint was not just because of the price but because of problems which occurred during my Medal of Honor Art Project as I thought if I was on a different phone cellphone company network the problems in Montana and other areas, would not be a problem for me. For example calling 9-1-1 to report fires I saw and the issues of trying to get the information to the female 9-1-1 operators such as occurred from Washington state through to Iowa from 2014 to 2019, but had difficulty as well as the issues I found online through trying to reverify when in Idaho state for a Medal of Honor recipient in that location for Schoonover through the phone as it was different on the phone; than the paperwork I printed out from the computer on the same website. Otherwise, I would have stayed with AT&T.

Thank you.



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4 weeks ago

This is a customer populated forum, not AT&T.

It would help if you had included relevant information, and left out a lot of that extraneous information. You did not say when you switched to Sprint. You did not say what the bill dates are on the bill you have received from AT&T. Be aware that no carrier Pro rates your final bill, you would pay for an entire bill cycle after leaving.

AT&T bills you about one week into your bill cycle, so it is likely you will always get a bill after leaving your carrier. If your phones were not paid off you would get a bill for anything remaining due on your phones. If you did not take your AT&T numbers and have them switched over to Sprint, then you did not cancel your AT&T service. (porting numbers cancels service)


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I apologize, I did not realize.

I switched in August 2019, but Sprint was able to keep the same number. Is that what you mean, by the porting term?

Sprint said they would pay everything off, and I have been dealing with so much lately because of what happened during my Medal of Honor Art Project as well as what occurred before leading up to it; the entirety has been far too much.

I need to take the bill to Sprint tomorrow for the manager there to put the payment from Sprint in the system, for that. Due to the combination from what happened during my Medal of Honor Art Project as well as the combination from the after effects from my Psalm Sunday 2000 head injury; it's been extremely difficult well before my Medal of Honor Art Project, though that exacerbated the issues.

Though I have had to do much to prevent my feelings from showing as most normal people have such a luxury, the Psalm Sunday 2000 head injury after effects have been a cause for many to blame me; if I show the slightest bit of emotion.