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Tuesday, May 14th, 2024 6:41 PM

Bad service

Went to target to shop, I was approached by a sales agent named Tracy he offered a super deal, to exchange all my phones and close my T-Mobile account after paying off all of my phones and reducingmy bill in halp. In the transfer there was a mess he never ordered one of my phones and gave me the run around, I received a 900 dollar first bill with ATT. My account at T-Mobile still open and they are billing me for the phones Tracy said would be paid off, when I call ATT no one knows anything and tell me I have to go back to Target because they don't have a phone number to give me and they can't help me because I got the phone through a third party. I go to target and Tracy is no where to be found and he won't answer his phone I think he blocked me. I don't know what to do with two bills and a promise that never happened.  It's funny how no one knows anything. 

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29 days ago

Target reps are not AT&T employees. Also, it is your responsibility to pay T-Mobile and close your account if you didn’t port your number. All promotions and how they work are posted online for everyone to read. 

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29 days ago


Locations within other stores (such as Target) are Authorized Retailers. So you were speak with a 3rd party seller, not an AT&T employee, and apparently they said whatever they could to get a sale.

To cancel T-Mobile you have to call to do so. However, if you were porting your phone number from T-Mobile to AT&T then once complete that line would be canceled. Account would only cancel if all lines

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29 days ago

Yeah unless you had 10 lines, you should not have a $900 bill even with all brand new phones that's a stretch 

Sounds like Target did you dirty. 

Target is not at&t.  Just like Best buy, Walmart, Costco, Sam's club, that's an authorized retailer that's allowed to sell AT&T's goods and services. They are not allowed to misrepresent the prices or the promotions. And it sounds like they did.  AT&T is not going to honor lies by a third party.

FYI AT&T does not pay off your old service provider. There has not been an offer to assist you with paying off your old service provider in 5 years.  

And it was always up to the customer to pay off their provider, nobody pays your old provider directly.  

You said you paid off all your phones so the only thing left should be your final bill. 

And the only way it's a legitimate switch is if you ported all of the phone numbers from your T-Mobile account over to AT&T.  

Yes?  No?  No clue?

AT&T has switch offer which does provide you with some credits for switching either in the form of bill credits on your account, or as prepaid debit cards that you have to claim and our mailed to you. Those can be used to pay off your previous service provider if you choose.  

My advice is to pay off T-Mobile before they send you to collections. That'll ruin your credit for a decade 

Meanwhile if you file a better business bureau complaint against AT&T, someone will call you from the office of the president which is the highest level of customer support offered by AT&T. They should be able to explain everything. However they are not going to honor something that does not exist 

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