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Friday, December 9th, 2022 7:35 PM

BACK CREDITS advice? Thousands paid over years of Access MyLan for 32 lines (all usb modems)

Through a business premier or AT&T account we have many many lines most all of them being the USB modems from AT&T. On nearly every single one of them I just recently came to the realization that we have been being charged $9.99 per line per month For over four years. Never use the service, when I logged into the specific access Mayleon website, I seen that the service was not even activated on 28 of the 32 lines. That means that only four of them even had the ability to possibly use the service… But most importantly, absolutely never used it. 

have now gotten it canceled, which is great, yes. But here is some quick math… And I need some advice on what to say/do when requesting back credits be issued without an exhaustive process.

32 lines x $9.99/Line/Mo

= $319.68 / Mo x 48 months

= $15,344.64

Just looking for advice on how to best word the email I plan on sending to request back credits. 

I have tried to do research on exactly what the access my land feature totally involves, and how it would’ve even possibly benefited us. And as far as I can see nowhere in any of the advertisement/marketing literature, does it specifically state that it is a feature beneficial to the USB modems. on one lengthy, AT&T access, Milan marketing video. It goes on to point out that it is available for several devices, including smart phones, tablets, and even laptops. So would this somehow be able to be worded better to support my request for back credits? 

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1 year ago

you would get a max of 3 months billing errors its your job to look at your account 

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1 year ago

As a CPA, my first thought is that you shouldn't be worrying about AT&T, but rather should be having a *rather serious* conversation with the person who is approving the AT&T bills for your business. 

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1 year ago

Yeah I was a bookkeeper and an office manager 30 years ago before I left to have children. Whoever does your books, and does your inventory of how these devices are being used needs to have a little talking to. Hopefully it's on you and not an employee.

Every month when you pay your bill, for anything not just for your AT&T service but for your credit cards and everything else you are asserting that the bill is correct.

In fact I just recently found out the hard way that most credit card bills will not allow you to dispute a payment past 60 days. And some of them won't allow you to dispute something if you've already paid the bill. This is why it's important that you read your bill and know what you're paying for.

Your best bet now that AT&T allows 6 months or 180 days in arrears is to contact AT&T.  If calling AT&T doesn't yield results, you can file a Better Business Bureau complaint online. The complaint is forwarded back to AT&T upper management and someone will call you.

   However you need to acknowledge that this is not AT&T's fault. They don't care whether the devices are used.   It's entirely on us customers to call AT&T and cancel any lines that are not used. They do not get canceled for lack of usage

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