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Friday, February 15th, 2019 10:00 AM


I NEED a way to contact the corporate office about the experience I had with this store tonight. I can’t find a single way to get in contact with the corporate office or even anyone higher up at this location to address this issue. I am appalled at the service I received and the errors that were made on my new account. PLEASE TELL ME IF THERE IS A CONTACT EMAIL FOR ANYONE WHO FIELDS COMPLAINTS!!!


I had an absolutely HORRENDOUS experience tonight at the AT&T store in Portland, Oregon (located at 12154 SE Division St). When I walked in, the two sales people at the front just stared at me blankly as I explained what I was there for. They were very slow to react as if they were trying to figure out which one of them was going to make the first move. After starting the process of opening an account and buying a new phone, the female worker named Rocio ignored me and then when she felt like it would answer my questions in a short, irritated way. The simplest question would either be ignored or she’d look at me like it was an inconvenience to answer me. The male sales person was training and I am amazed that they let her to train anyone.


At one point I asked her for a tissue and she said she didn’t know if they had any. I said, can you check because I really need to blow my nose. She said, “Uh, I just don’t know if we have any.” And continued to sit at the table with me on her personal cell phone texting. The assistant manager came over about 5 minutes later and asked if I needed anything and I said yes I really need a tissue, and wouldn’t you know it, he walked 10 feet away and brought me one. He even brought me a water and had a friendly conversation with me while my account was being processed. This entire time Rocio was either on her phone or whispering to the new person and snickering. I felt really put out by the whole thing because at no point did she attempt to make any sort of human connection or even speak to me besides the prompts she was filling in on her tablet.


She was rude and failed to explain anything about the plan, the phone, or the cost. I would ask questions and she would give me a generic response and expect me to have knowledge about things only someone who works there would know. When I questioned why the deposit amount was $80 higher than I was quoted on the phone this morning, she said, “They change sometimes.” And I said, “I literally called and talked to someone 6 hours ago and they said it would be *bla bla bla*. Why is it higher now? I don’t understand?” And I’m not kidding, she rolled her eyes, sighed, and said, “That’s just the way it is.” Come to find out under further investigation of my paperwork after I left (because there wasn’t any opportunity before then to see a breakdown of costs, even though I asked several times) that she signed me up for a business account and a feature that I didn’t need nor ask for and that’s where the additional $80 came from. If she had taken the time to simply listen to my concern, this mistake would have never happened. You would think that by me pushing the strange $80 increase that she’d look a little further at it, but she couldn’t be bothered. “That’s just the way it is.”


I am very upset with my entire experience. There is SO MUCH MORE that happened I just didn’t want to write every little detail down since it’s all along the same lines of being incapable of performing her job and providing customer service at any level. The fact that they allowed this girl to train anyone is troublesome and I have no idea why she has her position. She really screwed me over and didn’t explain a single aspect of my new device or account, even when I asked. If you go to this location, DO NOT LET ROCIO HELP YOU!!! She will cause you more work to sort out after you leave!


Side note: The assistant manager Preston was great and very courteous and nice. I’m sure this one employee doesn’t reflect on how all of them behave, but I am really bothered that she was training a new person on their first day with her attitude and skill set. Truly a nightmare experience that cost me extra money and now I will have to spend more time with customer service fixing my account that she set up incorrectly.

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5 years ago

AT&T doesn’t use email for support.  You can call 611 or use live chat.  

The Division street store is an authorized retailer, not owned by AT&T and the employees do not work for AT&T.  

You can click on the locate a store link at the bottom of the screen on the forum, find that store, and leave a review for the store.    The big blue bubble that says SHOP THIS STORE indicate an AT&T owned store where you can get help to fix what the other store messed up.


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