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Monday, January 16th, 2017 5:13 AM

At&t won't allow me to return a new device

So here the issue. I live in Arizona, my family and I went on a vacation for 2 weeks to Cincinnati Ohio area. During our stay we ventured into the Florence Kentucky area. On 1/10/17 we ended up at an at&t authorized retail store. Looks just like every at&t store does. I ended up buying a Galaxy S7 for my wife and, I also received a Gear S2 watch as a promo item. I understand the whole 2 year contract and stuff no big deal. After a few hours of seeing what this smartwatch is all about, I come to the conclusion that there are not that many useful apps for these and, it’s more of a novelty thing so I decided to return it. 


I called At&t and they assured me it wouldn't be an issue because I had 14 days to decide if I wanted to keep it. I told them that I was nowhere near the store I got it from. At&t phone rep told me that they would prefer I take it to the store I bought it at but I could return it at any location. The next day 1/11/17 I went to a corporate At&t location near me in Cincinnati. The store is on Ohio Pike. I talked to an associate "Joshua" He started to do the return until he saw the receipt said authorized retailer. He then refused to return the watch and told me I had to take it back to the store where I purchased it. I informed him that I had called and was told I could return it to any location. I cannot go to the store I got it from. It’s too far. I left and stopped a few miles down Beechmont at a different authorized retail store. They told me the same thing. I had to go to the store I got it from.

I have spent countless hours and days trying to give this watch back to them but, At&t will not take it unless I go back to the store I got it from. It pretty much ruined my last 3 days of vacation. I am back home in Arizona now and the store I got it from is about 2400 miles away. After a little research I see the At&t’s return policy online says the following under “How do I return my device”. “If your device was purchased at an AT&T retail, you may return it to any AT&T retail store during the return and exchange period.”

So it seems like I should be able to return this watch at any retail location but, no one will listen to me or except this return. There is no damage to it at all. Perfect condition but, no one will even touch it. I have spent many hours trying to get this issue resolved but, At&t doesn’t seem to really care about their own return policy. It is not realistic to expect me to go 2400 miles to return an item that was free in the first place. I feel I was misled by the store rep. He knew I was out of state. He should have warned me about not being able to return it or at least recommended I wait until I was back in my home state to get a new phone for my wife. At&t is more than willing to lose a customer that has been with them since 1992  (24 years) and, has 7 lines active. Just so they can stick me with a watch I don’t want and charge me a 150 dollar early termination fee.

I give up I can’t give this watch back no matter what unless I fly back to Kentucky. I’m guessing that if I have any kind of warranty issue with the S7 I’m out of luck. They will tell me to take it back where I got it.  At&t is being very deceptive their own policy says I can return it. Tomorrow I go to the nearest competitor and port all my lines to another carrier. This is no way to treat a customer of over 2 decades. Shame on you At&t.

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7 years ago

@xrmadman Warranty is with the company that manufactured it. So you shouldn't have a location issue. You'll just take it up with the manufacturer. Which you're probably better off doing even if you live by the AT&T store.



I try to not deal with the "authorized" stores since they aren't part of the AT&T corporate chain.

Not that I like their return policy either, but it is the policy.


The authorized store, probably is NOT an AT&T retail store, they're just a store selling AT&T stuff. The policy you read on-line is probably for the corporate stores. (I'm guessing)


Does your receipt have a policy written on it?


Here is my main question:

Instead of spending "countless hours and days" and having it "pretty much ruin(ed) my last 3 days of vacation" on this, while you were in Cincinnati why didn't you drive the half hour to Florence to do the return??





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7 years ago

Unfortunately authorized retailers are independently owned.  You might as well be trying to return an item you bought at Walmart to Target.

Return a device not purchased from AT&T
If you didn’t purchase directly from AT&T, the return policy where you purchased your device applies. For example, devices purchased from authorized dealers, agents, outlet stores, and national retail stores such as Best Buy and Wal-Mart aren’t covered by the AT&T return policy. Contact the place of purchase for more details.

Call the number on your receipt and see if you can ship the watch back.   Please!   Insure the watch and send with traceable shipper!   






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6 years ago

When iPhone X came out, I got an email from both ATT and Apple. I am currently registered with Apple iPhone upgrade program which allows me to get a new phone every year. Unfortunately, my partner and I were thinking that maybe ATT and Apple share the same program since ATT notified me that I am eligible for an upgrade. So we decided to order the phone thru ATT which we think it would be easier since I am with ATT and should be no problem with the phone or sim card activation. Before the incident, I receive a mail from ATT with a return shipping label that prompted me to send my iPhone 7 plus. Which I soon realize that ATT doesn't have any rights to the phone that I got from Apple (factory unlocked). I called ATT Customer service, everyone seems to doesn't know what they're doing. They keep on sending me to different departments, which none of them provide any resolution to my problem. I just want my iPhone 7 plus back!

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