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Wed, Jun 19, 2019 3:58 PM

AT&T wireless bill

I have paid my direct tv bill now I want to pay my wireless bill online how do I do that and how do I combine my bills


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a year ago

Hi @deborahbass,


We will be happy to help!

Things to Know when Combining your Bill


Why you should Combine your Bills

  • Combining your bill provides you with one bill from AT&T, which can include U-verseWireless, and DIRECTV charges.
  • Manage all your service in one account. All your services are on one bill. One overall easy payment to make when your bills are combined.Only one due date to remember.
  • No added costs
  • You may qualify for combined bill discounts.


What to know Before you Combine your Bills


  • We recommend paying off your existing Wireless and DIRECTV balance prior to combining your bills.
  • Auto Pay is available on combined bills. Existing Wireless Autopay and DIRECTV Auto Bill Pay does not automatically carry over.
  • Existing discounts on consumer accounts should carry over to your combined bill. Feel free to ask if your account discount would carry over when discussing combining your bill.
  • Transfer of billing responsibility. Once bills are combined, we cannot perform a change of responsibility request. The names on your combined bill cannot be changed after combining your services.
  • Accounts for those in Multi-Dwelling Units (MDU) may not be eligible for combined billing. Feel free to contact us on the forums for more information.
  • Once bills are combined, you can no longer use Plenti points to pay your monthly bill.
  • Existing Wireless customers should download their wireless usage details. After bills are combined, your past wireless text/talk/data usage details will no longer be available.


What to know After you Combine your Bills

  • Customers with DIRECTV should use their AT&T Access ID and Password to login to AT&T and DIRECTV online accounts. If your browser automatically logs you in, you might need to clear your cache and cookies on your browser to forget the old login/password.
  • During the first billing cycle, you may get a notification showing Past-Due. This may be due to your previous billing cycle being changed. If you have been charged an incorrect late fee, simply contact us to discuss.
  • If your combined bill account becomes past due, all services are at risk of being suspended.
  • When combining accounts, we may need to run a Credit Check.
  • The first combined bill will include Prorated Charges. If you have any questions concerning prorated charges, simply contact us for more information.
  • Any Combined bill discounts will be applied by your second combined bill.

If you have any additional concerns, please feel free to reach out to us. Thank you for being an AT&T customer.


Lafayette, AT&T Community Specialist


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I am TRYING to pay my att bill and can’t get access. After being on hold for an hour, I finally reached someone who told me that the problem is that my acct was set up with unified billing. She started to give me the number when the call got dropped. (Which happens ALL THE TIME WITH ATT). She had said she would call me back if the call got dropped which of course she didn’t. How can I reach att unified billing? (And yes I know I will have to be on hold another hour)

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