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Fri, Feb 21, 2020 5:45 PM

AT&T refuses to merge my dead wife's account with mine, and my two remaining phone numbers are in limbo

My wife passed away in April of 2019. I have two wireless phone numbers, one for me and one for my mom. I tried to get my wife's account closed down and all the info transferred to me. Instead of just putting my name on her account, they built me a new account, moved the internet and landline phone onto that account, cancelled her line, and then left my and my mother's phone numbers on her account, which was tied originally to her phone that's now cancelled. Now I can't access the billing for either wireless number online, and can't set up automatic payment. I try to call the customer support line and can never find a human to explain the issue to. I tried to go to the AT&T store and they can't make anything work either because they can't seem to negotiate the back end. I have chatted with online help three separate times and every time they swear they're going to fix it, and then fail.

I am at the end of my rope, and I'm a very (Edited per community guidelines) off customer at this point. How do I get in touch with someone at AT&T that doesn't have their heads up their butts? This should be simple. I want my two phone lines with their associated data plans connected to my account so I can manage them. This should be the simplest request in the world.

Is there a place I can drive to, or a number I can call, where someone real exists who can fix this?





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2 months ago

a corporate store should be able to clear things up. Make sure it’s not an authorized retailer

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I already tried that. They basically spent the entire time on the phone with AT&T central command and then failed to transfer billing responsibility because my credit was frozen. Then I unfroze it, went back, and they still couldn't figure it out, but did help me set up internet because I dumped comcast, so that was nice.

Then someone apparently connected my internet plan to my dead wife's account insted of transferring billing responsibility over to my new account.

I'm on the phone now with someone (finally) and they say I don't have a wireless account in my name, even though someone in chat said they'd set that up. Apparently they didn't, and instead merged the new internet account with my wife's account to which I don't have access. And someone somewhere along the line cancelled automated billing on her account, but did set it up on the internet account, so I get daily calls from AT&T saying my wireless account is about to be suspended for nonpayment. An account to which I literally don't have access.

It's glorious.


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