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Mon, Jul 21, 2014 3:26 PM

Att pulled bait and switch

Two months ago I went to an AT&T store to upgrade my phones. All I wanted was to upgrade my phones not my plan. The person that helped explained it would be cheaper to go on one of the group plans with the 10 gb of data to share. I told him one of my phones had unlimited data and I did not want to lose that. He said it was no problem he would put that phone separate and group the other 3 phones together. I asked him if that would raise the total of my bill to more than I was currently paying. He assured me it would not. The 3 phones would be about $150 dollars and the single phone about $80. I then asked him how much more it would cost if I added two 7” tablets to that plan he said another $20 for the two tablets which would bring my total to approximately $250 a month. I said ok and let him make all the changes. I then received the bill and it was for $429 which is significantly more than $250. I went back to the store and of course the person who helped was no longer working there. One of the other sales associates helped me. She said that the first bill is always a little higher (this was not a little higher), I asked her if we ignored the current bill how much would my bill be in the future, she did some math and assured me my next bill would be less than $250 and then the following bills would even out to app $250 a month. Imagine my shock when the next bill was in fact $320, still significantly more than $250. I again went back to the store, the same sales person was there and she said she didn’t understand why my bill was so high, she took it to the manager. After about ½ hour the manager comes back and says they weren’t adding in the money for the extra phone. No I’m sorry my people made a mistake. Essentially just suck it up that’s what you owe. However, I do not believe her people made a mistake I believe my bill should only be $250 and I am being over charge for the group plan I am on. Quite frankly at this point I feel as if AT&T has pulled a bait and switch on me. I changed plans with the explicit understanding that it was not going to cost me significantly more to do so. Had I known it would I would simply have upgraded my phones as intended and stayed with the plan I had. I fully expect this problem to fixed to my satisfaction, as soon as possible. I have been a loyal customer for almost 20 years and I have always told everyone how much I love AT&T. If this is not fixed then  as soon as it is economically feasible for me to do so I will be dropping AT&T as my carrier and telling everyone I know to stay away from your company.



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Hello @almsvats 


Thank you for posting, you can contact your Social Media Care team by clicking here, and one of our managers will be happy to review you account and get you the best plan for your needs. Please include your name, phone number, account number and the best time you can be reached.


Thank you,


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