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Friday, November 16th, 2018 1:09 AM

AT&T Not Honoring the price their representative quoted me! RETENTION doesn't care!

At&t Not honoring the price I was quoted by another agent.  I called ATT and spoke to a regular person, who's name I didn't get, she finally sent me to retention because there was nothing more she could do.  So I was connected to retention, I assume, a woman named "Debra",  she was a bit short, and it was almost impossible for me to talk.  Anytime I would say anything about my problem, which was my bill was suppose to remain right around what it was 189.95, and she even repeated, I see here it was supposed to be 190.00 (which later she said she didn't say), she would cut me off saying  the plan doesn't go that low.  Your plan should be $205.00.  And again we were at an impasse...i said, NO the person who set up the plan said it would remain very close to what it was.  I'm not going to lie and quote a number because I don't have the actual figure, but she said $190.00 so I'm going with that. You probably have it on record.   Anyway I asked for her name and any other identifying information.  So I got name Debra ***. (if that is even correct)  I don't feel she should be dealing directly with the customers because it didn't take very long for her to come across a bit rude.  I DID tell her that, and she said I'm not trying to be rude,  just being straight forward with you and explaining your bill etc.  OK enough on her, that is your department!  As far as I'm concerned, i left it with I will look for another Cell phone carrier, and a new TV provider instead of Direct TV.  I have been a loyal customer to AT&T for centuries, not years, but centuries.  You are loosing a customer over something that could have been fixed.   It was your persons mistake, so  you should be able to fix it. She said no she couldn't.  After all it was only approximately $20.00  ...but she said I'm sorry there is nothing I can do.  Well I know that's not true, I've been there before with problems and always been treated very well.  I have always gone away happy and that's why I have stayed so long.  Either you have changed something, and are not letting your retention people do their jobs, or she was lying.  Retention has always been able to come up with a workable solution.  I told her thank you but I'm going to change companies.  I will call you back when I'm ready to make the switch.  That was the end of my conversation.  She did say I'm sorry you feel that way.  Nice, but it didn't change anything.  So I thought I would drop a note in here in case AT&T has changed something in retention that truly doesn't allow them to do what they used to be able to do.  I have to stay below $200.  I'm retired and live on social security.  There is just so much money to live on.   I have always bragged up AT&T because you guys have always treated me right up until now.  But I guess when you get new bosses in there and they start changing things, then people have to move on.  Thank you for your good service over the years.  I will soon be out of your hair. (and Debra's too).

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6 years ago

Prices are as published on the website.  Since you didn’t say what plan you have, I can’t say if you got a correct quote or not.  

Plans are data and line access charges.  Phones and taxes are extra.




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6 years ago

If you can't afford AT&T, you're free to go somewhere else. Retension/loyalty has a lot of tools, but they can't just create a whole new plan just for you. AT&T's prices have been going up, just like all the other carriers.

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