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Fri, Jan 17, 2020 7:01 PM

AT&T not honoring Samgung BOGO offer from 9/2019


Please explain to me why I am still not getting my bill credits for my second Samsung Note 10+ purchased in September of 2019. I followed the correct procedures and process to get the credits and all I have been getting is the run around for t he past 2 months.

I purchased 2 Note 10+ off of back in September and their website shows the promotion (pics attached) where I would receive $950 in bill credits over 30 months from AT&T. The website even made me login to my AT&T account to verify eligibility and to add a new line of service which I did.

I called AT&T back in December as it was my 3rd billing cycle only to be told to wait another month but they see where the credits should eventually be applied. January comes around and I call back into AT&T only for someone to tell me that they have to open a ticket, which is fine, but then a day later they close the ticket. I call back into AT&T upon hearing this and they tell me they don't show where I am eligible but give it 2 more months (until 3/28) as it "appears" a ticket is still open. How is it so hard to get these supposed credits applied? AT&T can clearly see that i purchased 2 Galaxy Note 10+'s during the promotional period, I upgraded and added a line like the promotion says and I have printouts from the confirmation, my order process and the website stating the promotion.

Furthermore all of the AT&T CSR's I spoke to state there is no way that I can send them the documentation that I have and there is nothing they can do. What this just appears to be is a run around that I am getting, it it is becoming increasingly frustrating and no one appears to be making an effort to assist.

In addition Samsung is telling me that they can't do anything because as they have transferred all of the info over to AT&T and it is AT&T that I am making the installment payments to so I have to deal with them . What we have here are 2 of the largest companies in the world and they can't communicate with each other nor know what each other is selling to their customers.

I have been an AT&T Wireless customer for almost 2 decades and if this is the way you treat loyal customers it is downright unacceptable

Furthermore all of the AT&T CSR's I spoke to state there is no way that I can send them the documentation that I have and there is nothing they can do



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4 weeks ago

What plan do you have? Most BOGO promotions from 2019 also required having an “eligible plan”. In any event, this is a customer to customer forum, not customer support. You are unlikely to get a response from ATT. If you are sure you qualified for the promotion, file an FCC or BBB complaint.

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Thanks, will do.

Plan is eligible, unlimited.

Of course there is no way for me to contact AT&T except over the phone which has proven to be useless.