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Saturday, February 20th, 2021 2:07 AM


AT&T not honoring promotions

For the past 10 months I have been dealing with a billing issue through AT&T.  We signed up online for a BOGO iPhone 11 with a new line with a trade in.  I sent in my iPhone 7+ Yet have never received the billing credit for the free phone.  We met all qualifications.  The whole experience was a disaster, issues with lines being ported over, phones taking weeks to arrive...lots of problems.  Then I’m told by AT&T that there was no promotion to honor.  For 10 months I have been transferred to about 20 different departments, between 20-30 different customer service representatives, and have gotten nowhere! 

2 months ago I made progress.  I had a AT&T rep drop off a phone at my home for an upgrade for another line and she tried to help me, because I told her as soon as I can I am out of AT&T.  She showed me all the notes on my account.  They have lied to me about the promotion, about never receiving my phone, about so much!!!  Then I had a representative reach out to me through here, his name was Jacob, I dealt with him and his supervisor for about a month of going back and forth.  They finally told me they fixed the issue, would honor my promotion and a credit would be applied to my account from the past 8 months at the time and going forward.  This would all take place in 1-2 billing cycles.  

Guess what.... once again..., lied to!!! No credit!! I reached out to Jacob as I was told to.  The # he gave me doesn’t work!  

I have threatened to sue because they have my property, my old phone, and they did not honor the promotion I signed on for, and after lord of research as well as talking with the representative at my home, this is a common practice for AT&T!!  

Has anyone had any success with getting a problem resolved through them, and if so... HOW?!  I don’t want to pursue legal action but I will!!!!  They are horrible to deal with!!!!



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3 years ago

After a year of trying, I finally gave up! I will be done with At&T!  I can’t believe that after being a Loyal AT&T customer for 20 + years, they no longer care about customer loyalty! Yes, I agree, it’s always been AT&T policy to credit your account within 2 - billing cycles before the credits show up! That worked out fine with me for many years, but this time, it didn’t happen!  Unfortunately, you don’t know you’ve been screwed until the credits don’t show up! That’s when you start making calls and they find a reason and never get the problem resolved! So my BOGO experience reminds me every month because I have to pay the $35 for the second phone until the $1200 is paid plus the additional telephone line I had to my account to get the BOGO offer! I’m told AT& T monitor’s this site but if they do, they have never contacted me to fix the problem. So the BOGO offer cost me over $2000 total between the phone and the phone line! Obviously, customer loyalty doesn’t mean anything to AT&T! I had another billing problem today, instead my bill jumped from $160 a month to $360 a month. I really have don’t believe AT&T cares! That’s why they get you to pay the $30-$35 rather then signing the 2 year contract! The 2 year contract in the past is how they kept their customers happy and retained their customers!
Good Luck! I hope you make out better then I did!

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