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Sunday, July 30th, 2023 5:55 PM

Att not honoring promotion

First off I have been with Att for over 20 years.  I purchased phone during Black Friday 2022 when they were offering $800 for any trade in any condition. Didn't get phone until mid December. When phone was delivered I immediately called to see what I needed to do to get $800 bill credit. They told me they were send out the kit so I could send in phone that I was trading should get it in 7-10 day. Well I never got it so I called in January to let them know I didn't get it. They said they were sending it out again. I still never got it do when I called back in February I was told to take it to a store and they could do it for me. When I got to the store I was told they system wouldn't allow them to do it because it was over 30 days. By the point i am extremely frustrated. Called them back and explained what happened. They sent kit out again. Finally got the kit in March and available trade in the next day.  I'm waiting and waiting then I see in May that they only gave me $45 dollars for my trade. I was livid. I had confirm on every call that i mafe the i was getting the $800 credit. I called and spoke to several people because thet keep transferring me. I was then told because I didn't fill something out I couldn't get the promotion. In all the calls that I made not once did anyone mention about filling out something. I followed the instructions that I received when I finally received the kit. I am appalled at how ATT treat a customer that has been with the over 20 years. I would told to write a letter the the address on my bill to see if decision can be reversed but I don't feel like I should have to do that. ATT dropped the ball. I kept calling and doing my due diligence to do what I was supposed to do in order to get promotion. I was upset to the point of canceling my service. I am still upset about it. 

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7 months ago

When I got to the store I was told they system wouldn't allow them to do it because it was over 30 days.

   Yup.  Ship sailed at that point.

If you didn't read the promotion, there was a lot more to the promotion than just eventually trading in your old phone.

   You had to have a qualified unlimited data plan, The phone had to meet a minimum value for the trade-in deal, and your phone had to be traded in within 30 days. 

If your package wasn't in the mail before the 30 days was up, or if you did not meet all other conditions of the deal, all you would get would be the book value for the phone which apparently was $45.

Sample of a Samsung promotion...

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