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Thursday, March 18th, 2021 11:27 PM


also my bill averaged 184 per month. Around stimulus time, it booms to 600. 

AT&T randomly spikes my bill despite me using less data. Each representative says something contradicting. The “rewards” at$t gives are never valid and at the end of every page where it asks if “this article was helpful” and you select “no”, the Submit option is greyed out. Only on the “no” option and never the “yes” OFC. So I guess I’m going to have to complain on the ‘yes’ option 🤷‍♀️

also, do not give these (Edited per community guidelines)s the option of autopay. They’ll make up a random number and boom, you’re out 900$ or 700$ with no warning. So if you owe rent or need food, go (Edited per community guidelines) one because you’re (Edited per community guidelines)

I’m switching to a new provider because they don’t honor contracts here. Only expects you to. 


oh, don’t take the chance of returning your phone. You may or may not get your money back for up to a year or they’ll just say they didn’t receive it or try to charge you the lump sum for it. Probably and by probably I mean most likely. 

I am not going to simp for this company. Especially one that lacks flexibility. Why do you think this monopoly tries buying out most comm services? 

at&t, gfy. 

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3 years ago

No carrier offers flexible installment payments. The installment is on your bill each month, you either pay entire bill, or not.  Down payments are allowed at the time of purchase which would reduce the amount you pay on your phone every month.

    Neither AT&T nor Verizon allow interim payments or Accelerated payments other than paying the phone off in full or paying to upgrade.  

   If you are unable to pay your bill on time you are charged a late fee. If you are suspended for non-payment you are charged a reconnect fee on your next bill. There is no mystery about what you are being billed if you read your bill, which is online every month.

You have 16 months of bills available in your My ATT account. Have you ever looked at them?   It might explain a lot that you don't seem to understand.

The buyer's remorse is 14 days. This is pretty much Universal along every carrier and most retailers that sell cell phones, like Best buy, target and Walmart.  

Most of this information is provided in writing, somewhere along the line before you become a customer or while you are an existing customer. If you don't bother to read it that's kind of on you. Like the terms of your installment agreements, and the terms of your monthly billing.

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3 years ago

AT&T doesn't randomly "spike" your bill. Every charge is outlined in painstaking detail so customers can easily determine what they are paying for. 

Autopay or not, your bill has to be paid before the due date, so if you feel there's an error, you must contact AT&T before then. 

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