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Need help understanding your bill?
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Sunday, April 21st, 2024 1:31 PM

AT&T cell billing doesn't honor scheduled payment then makes it impossible to resolve the issue

I am curious if others have encountered a similar issue:

1.  Scheduled online to pay my bill in full on the due date.  No problem in getting that set; AT&T generated a confirmation number.

2.  Due date passes by 7 days, I learn that the transaction wasn't executed.  AT&T charges a late fee.

3. On learning the due date passed, I paid the original amount online with the same credit card and send in a request online to reverse the late charge.  As part of the request, I uploaded a pdf of their confirmation email.

4. 4 days later they replied by email and required that I provide evidence (via a link) from my credit card company that the transaction occurred and the bill had been paid.  The link was broken, and the request is unreasonable.  For the latter, it's unreasonable since it was on AT&T to push the transaction to my credit card company.

5. The email that AT&T sent cannot be replied to...  If you try to enter another ticket online, it prevents that and indicates that you must call customer service.

6. I called customer service, explained the problem, and the rep indicated that they can't solve AT&T issues, only DirecTV ones.  This is after entering my account number, explaining the problem, etc.

7.  The DirecTV rep then provided a "direct line number to AT&T".  Surprisingly, it was the same number that I had just called them on!

It seems like my time and energy would be better spent canceling AT&T (and DirecTV, btw) and bundling internet, TV, and cell phone with Verizon.  FFS, I was just trying to get my seven bucks back, a pittance compared to the impressive overcharging going on already.

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1 month ago

File a complaint with the BBB.  Someone should contact you.  Get all documentation in order.

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1 month ago

The number to reach AT&T from your cell phone is 611. DirecTV is no longer owned by AT&T, They are a partial investor only.

The 800 number to reach AT&T if you are not using your AT&T mobile phone 1.800.331.0500

You could also refer to the contact us link at the bottom of this webpage

You can probably find these numbers are also available in your contact list under AT&T 

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