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Monday, September 5th, 2016 4:53 PM

AT&T WILLNOT honor their BOGO promotion sold by it's store associate

In March of this year (2016) I visited the AT&T store in Plano TX (store number D12B based on receipt printout) to look at replacement phone for my wife.

My wife was drawn to the new Samsung Galaxy S7 to replace her older Galaxy S3.
Both my wife and I have had individual and corporate wireless accounts with AT&T for the past 15+ years, and we now have 3 lines and a hefty data plan for which we pay over $200/month – so we’re “invested” with AT&T

The associate at the store offered to check if my line was also available for an “upgrade” and soon thereafter suggested that we could use their BOGO promotion that expires at the end of the month (3/31)

Having seen multiple commercials on TV for this BOGO, all of which included iPhones, I asked her if the promotion is available for any phone – which she confirmed as such.

Although I was not actually looking to buy a new phone for myself at this time, the offered BOGO promotion seemed like a no-brainer (pay for one as we expected and get the 2nd for free), we then further decided to get a more expensive phone – the Galaxy S7 Edge, since we will be getting 2 phones for the price of one.

When they printed out our receipts and paperwork (for 2 S7 Edge phones on a Next-24 plan) , which included the anticipated billing amounts for each cycle, I asked how the BOGO is accounted for and was told that the credit and deduction for the 2nd phone will kick in after the second or third billing cycle.

Several months later, when I noticed that nothing is being deduced/credited on my monthly statement, I visited the store, only to find a very inhospitable manager that took almost 30 minutes to review “paperwork” in his office (while I waited in the lobby) and then proceeded to tell me that there was no such BOGO recorded on my purchase deal, and that any BOGO was dependent on adding a new line – and at that point concluded with saying there is nothing he can do.

After a lengthy exchange of words, he promised to check with his supervisor and get back to me the following week. Needless to say that I never heard back from him or anyone at AT&T.

He also claimed that I was e-mailed a contract that indicated that I was being charged for 2 phone, and I should have checked it an disputed it within the allowed 14 days.

Very disgruntled, I went back to check my e-mails, only to find a link to the contract that was very similar to the paperwork I was given at the time of purchase, in which there was only one phone/account listed as to be charged.


So here I am with 2 S7 Edge phones that I now have to pay for over the next 30 months (or whatever remains of that payment plan) and AT&T will not honor their promotion

I’m at odds as to how this can be further handled, as it seem that the personnel in the store are not interested in honoring or helping a long term customer, and the online chat which I contacted could not assist (they actually referred me back to the store).

Is there anyone at AT&T Customer Service that can be contacted to resolve this matter?!?!?


Oddly enough, if they would have made a mention that a 2nd line is needed to honor this promotion, I would have considered adding the line, as my 2 younger kids are just coming of age where they will be getting their cell phones, and would have considered getting new lines for them to benefit from this prompting.

Given the wonderful (NOT) service that I’ve received from AT&T I will now opt to get these 2 new lines with one of their competitors as I have very low tolerance and trust with companies that do not treat customers with respect and honor.

One would think that in today’s climate where people are constantly enticed to jump on the next best offer, having been a loyal customer for over 15 years would mean something to a company (not to mention adding lines for other family member over time) – But I guess that is not the case with AT&T – their store managers do not appreciate customers and servicing them nor would they honor their advertised promotions that was sold to me by their store associate…

Furthermore, although I’m “held hostage” as an AT&T customer until I complete the payment plan on these phones, I will be dropping their service and moving my personal and any business accounts to a more trustworthy provider as soon as these payments are complete.


BTW – AT&T still runs these BOGO commercials on TV these days, but have interestingly enough added a statement to the tune of “when you add a second line”…

I guess their realized their flawed advertising (as it does appear many other have suffered similar situations) and have amended their campaign


If anyone if AT&T is monitoring these community posts - I would appreciate being contacted for a possible resolution. 


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8 years ago

Every BOGO promotion ATT has ever run has always required a new line. That "when you add a second line" or something like it has always been there. Sorry to say, I don't think anything can or will be done in your case. If you search this forum you will see others that thought they were getting a free phone only to find out they weren't because they did not fulfill the promotion requirements. You can try sending a private message to @ATTMobilityCare, they are a specialized customer care team that may be able to help.

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8 years ago

The promotions require a new line be added for the free phone.  

Why the sales person didn't know this is unknown.  


As for "not honoring the promotion", your upgrades didn't qualify for the promotion.  If you didn't qualify, they have nothing to honor.


Please note no matter what carrier you use, large promotions like this are used to being in new business (hence the new line requirement).  This isn't just ATT, but all carriers, so in the future research the requirements.





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8 years ago

Tnx sandblaster, - but the point is that this was never communicted to us by the store associate that was the one offering the BOGO deal, as she well knew we where only getting the phones for our existing lines.

As I mentioned, I would have considered adding the line if they would have only presented it in that manner.
Poor sales and customer service by the store personel - as she was very well aware that we're getting the 2 phones based on the BOGO and if that was always the case in such promotions, then she out right lied to us about the eligability.

AT&T should stand beind what their sales associates sell their customers!!!


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8 years ago

@Drorbd.  If she lied, she should lose her job.  But no company is forced to honor a salespersons offer if they go rogue and offer something they have no right to do so.  


It seems the salesperson was either totally unaware of the promotion, or indeed lied.  Only select phones were included in the promotion and had to be from the same manufacturer.  Had they mixed Samsung with iPhone for example, the promotion would still not be fulfilled.


If you make a significant fuss, a credit might be offered, but not for the full phone cost.

Since you received 2 new phones, you did receive value for your money, even if you expected not to pay for one of them.





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8 years ago

Hello @Drorbd

I am so sorry you are being greatly inconvenienced with this situation. AT&T values the loyalty of its customers, more over with the tenure you present. After you use the correct channels, and after an internal investigation, AT&T will apply the appropriate disciplinary measures for the mishandling of your visit back in March. What I would find almost impossible to happen, is for AT&T to demonstrate customer value by breaking already established Terms & Conditions (T&C) voluntarily accepted by the customer.

Customers with the amount of years you present in the company, should already know that each and all AT&T offers and promotions have written T&C which are available online for the customer to study them before they commit. And even after they have accepted a service/sales agreement, AT&T allows the flexibility to cancel/return any wireless service/product under ceirtain rules within the Buyer's Remorse period of up to 14 days. Up to two days later, the customer receives an email with a link to a personalized video-bill, which includes the most recent transactions and how this will affect their bill. However, this link has an expiration date. Apart from all of this, the customer will always have the ability to acces, and print in paper or PDF file, a Customer Service Summary, which includes the current services the customer is enjoying, and a description of them.

AT&T can prove it does business with clarity, transparency and integrity, and provides its customers with the tools for them to feel they are valued and they are making informed decisions.

Nowadays, communications and entertainment decisions are as important as buying a property. They have a cost, a value, benefits, responsibilities, and conditions to follow. Research is your best weapon and defense tool as a consumer (I have personaly learned this the hard way). This forum is mostly for that purpose, to help customers find information already available for the customer online, so here I go:

March 2016 BoGo promotion details:

AT&T Return/Buyer's Remorse Policy:

Video Bill:!/wireless/KM1046806

Customer Service Summary:!/wireless/KM1009093

Learn about ways to address a dispute or concern:!/wireless/KM1041856

All of the previous, I found by going to and typing keywords on the search bar in the upper right.

You are in a difficult position, and it hurts me knowing this wealth of information was at your reach all along. I really wish you the best of luck in the resolution of this situation. This is not what I (nor AT&T) would like its customer to have as experience.



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7 years ago

This happened to me also. I was at the store from 7 pm until after 11 pm with my 6 month old grand daughter. My daughter was with and she heard everything. She knows we were

scammed that night. I changed my phone number and my husbands phone number to get the promotion. I was also told in 3 months that I would no longer be billed and that I would be reimbursed what I had paid. I just wrote what he said on the paper. I discussed with the manager who remembered us, he basically said that if I could show him proof he would back me up. I think the sales associate should be held liable. I followed what he told me I needed to do. I needed 1 new phone. Because of the bogo I bought 2 new phones to get 2 free. If there was no bogo I would never have agreed to buy 4 phones at one time or change our phone numbers (what a pain). I called at&t and was told that he would get back to me in 7-10 business days. that was 2-14. I have not heard back from them.

I have everything with at&t. Once my contracts are up I am done. I have been a loyal customer for a very long time. I called last night to get tech help and was offered a 99 cent tablet with free activation. I stopped her, explained what happened with the phones and she still kept going. Unbelievable. I think I am the most angry about the manager basically calling me a liar. I am very disappointed in a company that I trusted. I have so many medical bills and this was not a planned expense.   

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