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Saturday, October 11th, 2014 1:32 PM

Absurd International data plan billing

I hope AT&T reads this and gets their act together. If you agree, please make your voice heard.


The current method of billing international data and voice packages in absurd, ambiguous and down-right deceitful. AT&T forces you to add an international service for a whole month, even if you are using it for a few days. If you are traveling on the last day of your cycle, they bill you a full month of that international package then add another full month for the next cycle then credit back the amount of unused days from the previous month. Confusing? Absolutely! This leaves room for "errors" that always seem to favor AT&T.


Here is what AT&T HAS TO DO. If I need 800MB of international data, let my pre-purchase that data. This way I can travel as long as I want and not worry about my data usage. When it runs out, I just order more data! Is this so hard to implement? AT&T may say it is, but that is rubbish.


Currently if you sign up for a 120MB plan and then notice that you are going over that amount, you can't just go up to the next package. AT&T does a whole process of removing that package then adding the higher one, which again leaves the customer at a loss. On top of that, the current billing method is use-it-or-lose-it. If you sign up for the 800MB plan and don't use it all? Thats too bad for you, insignificant customer.


Again, AT&T, let us pre-puchase data!!!!!! It is the right thing to do! If you agree, please add your support to this post.



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9 years ago

With all due respect to your opinion, your comment is entirely wrong.

I am no fan of AT&T's international data plan, but their international plan is, strangely, favor to customers. I use AT&T's international plan often (last time I used is one month ago), and I can say your statement is not right. If you sign up 120mb/month plan for $30, and if you are approaching to the limit, you can always upgrade to the higher limit plan. In this case, if you are about to run out 120mb plan in 5 days, they charge you only $5, and your new higher plan 300mb for $60, charges you $2/day before you run out the limit. In addition, if you signed up the plan close to your billing cut-off day, say, 29th, then, they will charge you $1/day, and when your new billing cycle starts, they will renew 120mb plan. For example, if you use int'l plan for 7 days, right before your billing cut-off and to the next billing cycle, theoretically, you can use close to 240mb data (120m previous month & another 120mb this month) for only $7, which is indeed a very good deal.

One disclaimer is that if you let your data plan goes over the limit without upgrading, yes, they will charge you full $30 as soon as you go over the limit, and they will start (and charge) yet another data plan. International data is expensive. Be careful and monitor carefully while you are roaming internationally.

I hope AT&T does not read my comment, and hope they do not change this billing practice!!

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9 years ago

Bjleend, you don't quite have it right. Yes, if you sign up for the plan 7 days before the end of your billing cycle they will pro-rate the charge but they will also pro-rate the amount of data. So, yes you will only pay $7 for that week but you will also only get about 28mb of data, not 120mb.

Anyway, that is the way it used to work. It appears ATT is now offering new international plans that start when you want, regardless of billing cycle and are good for 30 days. Even better, they automatically expire. Details here:
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