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Need help understanding your bill?

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Friday, January 24th, 2020 5:05 AM

20 years paying 500 dollars a month for my business my husband whose name its in died in may now At&t will not show breakdown and rude!!!

Okay first off without a word spoken or death certificate they moved the account into my daughter's name and said its because she was using her phone for a month bc she was in between getting a different home internet when we got her plan with ours it was unlimited so she had no idea the charges were going over they say it was changed from unlimited over 3 years ago. wE DID NOT KNOW THIS AND MY HUSBAND MAY HAVE BEEN TRICKED INTO TO DOING THIS WHILE DOING A TABLET OR SOMETHING FOR ONE OF OUR you grandkids...I know I hated going into stores because leaving I would be nervous for days bc they do push you towards things and I was never sure they did not mess something up in the account just to get a sale on the phone id buy esp when after one time i went for a new cheap phone i paid for online picked up and she was pushing home service and not taking no for answer and not reaL CLEAR AND WHAT SHE WAS DOING WITH MY PHONE BUT AS I WAS LEAVING SHE SAID OH DONT FORGET THE SIMS CARD THAT COMES WITH YOUR NEW PHONE AND I ALREADY HAD IT IN MY NEW PHONE BECAUSE I TOOK FROM OLD PHONE SO I SAID WELL ITS NOT NEEDED RIGHT AND SHE SAID IF YOU HAVE ANOTHER PHONE YOU CAN USE IT with this and have an extra line...I said wait what how is that possible I dont need another line and i did not say to do that she smurked and when i got home sure enough another line on the account and i called got the run around they needed to speak to my dead husband...

Well I was tripping about the 3900 try getting through the 611 first no luck so i go to store the manager is fake kind says call this number and these guys should help you take this off beings its something you didnt know and with your husband no longer here they will help well I dont know crap about all of this stuff so i call and am trying to explain and the guy was smart mouthed and asking me things i do not undersstand and then hung up bc he said i was rude and loud...if you were missing 3900 with no bill and no phone service you would be upset but i was not loud or rude i was just confused and aggrivated to not be able to have someone break it down for me so I called my bank did a stop payment gott my money back they immediatly after locked up our phones and so my daughter whose name they put it in went to the local store the 1st sales guy looked at kiosk listened to her story got her number and then told her he was getting the store mgr i thank him and next the manager walks out with his shoulders bowed up like hes fixing to fight me and loudly says yeah i know who you are i talked to your mom before and the number i told her to call who could help yall she got fussy with and they said they aint helping this point the whole stores quietly waiting for her and she said so you mean what i am suppose to just not get this resolved and after paying 20 years of $500+ a month always through draft and on time yall are telling me you would just put me in a bind like this... She said he then got, even more, bowed up like he was going to hit her and then said yeah you need to just take your losses and get phones somewheres else...he did not know I had done the stop payment and got my money daughter looked at him in shock and said well sir since you chose to make this hard because your a (Edited per community guidelines) and do not care here is something else you will not care about she told him had they not messed with the account without death certificate and permission they may could have gotten paid but instead of putting it in my name the billpayer they put in hers she said and although you dont care about a 20 year good paying customer now you got a 40 year old woman with no job and bad credit so you will not get a cent out of her..Although her credit is bad I scolded her for that she is right screw that prien lake rd manager for treating a girl like that and screw att for treating me this way... I went to sprint they cut our bnill in half with new phone for all and same phone numbers...Their loss Hope my daughters (Edited per community guidelines) finds they are wrong bc they fraudulantly changed up our account but if not I will help her but we will not ever pay them without a print out of our account and some explaining....

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4 years ago

This is a customer populated Forum not AT&T. Other than being extremely long, full of extraneous information, completely lacking in punctuation, that post is a mess. Somehow I can imagine customer service having a difficult time sorting out the problems, when I'm not sure you understand what's going on.

AT&T does not change ownership of an account, they could not without the Social Security and name of another person and having run a credit check. Read that last sentence again -
So unless your daughter transferred ownership because she knew all of the appropriate login information, then your husband did so before he passed.

You seem to indicate you got a phone deal, which means it came with requirements that you add a new line to AT&T to get the deal. If you don't want to pay for the new line go ahead and cancel it, however you will have to pay in full for the remainder of the phone it will no longer be "cheap".

3900? You drop that number in there without even saying what it's for. AT&T has not had a plan that charges overage charges since 2016. AT&T currently has three options for unlimited data, and they have had unlimited data plans since 2016, so why would you be paying overage charges rather than switching to another plan?

After your husband passed away why did you not contact AT&T to assume the responsibility for the bill?

So you stop payments and are surprised AT&T turned off your phones?

This is The Comedy of Errors substantially brought on on your end. AT&T is run by computers which just do automatically what they're supposed to do.

Yeah yes AT&T will ruin the credit of whoever's name is on the account, because their social security number would have been legitimately attached at some point in the past.

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