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Thursday, August 8th, 2019 3:32 PM

Wireless Transfer - Never Received Rewards and NEVER Called in by Salesman

I originally transferred service to ATT July 2018 and was offered a $300 reward card (One $200 and one $100) and was told by the local rep that I would receive these after installation.  My husband was just diagnosed with cancer to I forgot about it.  In June 2019 I see a notification from ATT saying my rewards were about to expire.  I called 6/11/19 and spoke to customer service, who had transferred me to rewards - after an hour (literally) on hold, it automatically transferred me and then disconnected.  I called rewards back and was again on hold forever and again was disconnected.  I called back to ATT customer service, told them what happened, and she researched this - went back and forth with her supervisors and rewards - then came back and told me she was sorry that it was never sent to me, but she took care of it, I didnt have to call rewards, and they were expediting my cards for the inconvenience - Awesome!  Well.....a month passes and I call again on 7/15.  Customer service says there is no way they can help me - to call rewards - I tell them but you just did all of this for me last month, they say no we cant help you call rewards.  So I call rewards....hold.....hold.....hold....nothing.  I call back to customer service and ask if there is any quicker way to get someone to help me - she said to try going into the store, they should help me quicker.  So I go down to the store, wait.....ask the rep and tell him what all happened, he says - I cannot help you.  You have to call rewards.  OMG.  I tell him the run around and time I have spent so far, I just want to not get pushed aside and get someone to help me.  He says fine, I guess Ill call rewards then.  Oh ok - does that mean I sit here and wait another hour why you are on hold, or will you get them quicker?  He says, if it takes an hour it will take an hour.  OMG.  Again.  Ok - so thats not going to work.  I am already hours into this and am just trying to find out what happened to what was being expedited.  I want SOMEONE to help me now please.  He says - call and ask for Loyalty - they will help you right away.  Awesome!  So I leave and call Loyalty.  Yeah - I get thru right away.  Very nice lady.  Tell her my story.  She shares her personal cancer relative story - sad.  She goes back and forth with managers and rewards people.  She finally comes back and says they show that they never sent it out to you.  They are going to send the two out to you.  You should get something in 5-7 days.  You do not have to do anything else.  Yay!  So I wait.......Nothing.  So I do my rounds of calls again.  I call Loyalty - tell them yet again my story.  This time she again goes back and forth.  Has to call me back a couple of times.  Tells me that yes they confirm that they never sent me the rewards in the first place.  But also say that because I didnt follow up, I do not get my rewards.  WHAT?  So you didnt do your job, and because I didnt follow up on you I dont get it?  Thats not right!  So she says she will look into it and call me back.  Never does.  I call again Monday - Loyalty - Lady is very short and rude.  I tell her my story.  She says she cannot help me I have to talk to rewards.  I tell her but they always helped me before can you please look into what happened.  She says please hold.......then without telling me she transfers me to Rewards.  Im on hold.........hang up.  OMG.  I call rewards.  Tell them the story.  They look and say its expired you dont get it.  I say but I was told repeatedly it was on the way - rush order - will be to me soon - and now you say its not happening?  She says yes - its not happening.  I say but they said they showed you that they never sent it in the first place.  Thats correct, and you shouldve followed up.  OMG.  So I calm down and and call again.  Rewards - Loyalty - Story..... Loyalty says they cannot do anything - this all starts with Rewards.  They give me a number and address in Missouri, that I later find is not at all who I am supposed to talk to.  Rewards says no it actually all starts with the local salesman that switched this over in the first place.  She says she sees that he never even put the order in for the rewards.  But says that I should have verified my email with the email I got on the rewards.  I say - but if the salesman never called anything in with you, that would explain why I never received a rewards email to confirm - so how am I at fault.  She says, you always have to confirm your email with netflix or anything you sign up with - you know this.  Well - no I dont, and again I NEVER RECEIVED AN EMAIL!  And I was never told by the rep that I had to do anything else!!  She also says that the $300 rewards is not happening anymore.  At work the next day I see a flyer saying if you transfer over you get a ......wait for it..... $300 rewards card.  Itsnt that funny.  Why cant I have THAT rewards card?  I ask her who can I talk to to get this straightened out - who can I for lack of better work complain to since I was totally screwed on this, lied to, and scammed out of what was promised to me all along.  She gives me a corp address in TX.  Next day, just out of curiosity I call ATT Customer Service .  Hello - story time again.  Tell him the numbers and addresses I was given - he said not dont bother thats not going to get you anywhere.  I figured.  I told him - doesnt it make sense if the original salesman never called in my rewards, I would have never received and email to claim it, and he never told me I had to follow up - so how am I in the wrong?  He gives me another rewards number to call and says I can "complain" about the original salesman that wasted all of my time and made this whole mess happen by calling ATT and ask for Customer Care.  

This is crazy.  I am not sure why I am being treated like this.  I did nothing wrong.  Its not like I got the card and lost it.  They never sent it.  It was never even called in.  Instructions on what to do were not given to me.  ATT has records of this.  But still says - sorry about your luck it expired.  Scam.  Horrible.  And no one will help me.  They just keep saying in what sounds like they are reading off of a sheet - you have two weeks to claim.  You have 120 days until it expires.  You did not claim it.  You get nothing.  BUT it was never called in so you never sent me anything to claim.  They just repeat the line again.  What do I do now?  Ive spent waaaaaaaaay too much time on this and its totally not fair that I do not get this.  They had me recall and even go into the store - they passed me off by giving me bogus addresses and phone numbers to call.  Scam.  Do I contact the FCC - I saw on a feed.  The news?  How many others have gone thru this?  How can I lose my reward all because the local rep - as confirmed by ATT Customer Service, Loyalty and Rewards the rep never even called it in for me in the first place.  And if they see that this was done, and are having a $300 Visa promotion again - why can I not just get that?  HELP!!!

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5 years ago

over a year ago? rewards expire in 3 months its unfortunate but i really dont think there will be the outcome you would like. nobody in here will be able to assist you as were all just customers here

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