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Thursday, July 23rd, 2020 11:35 PM

Will I be credited back for charges relating to phones that were supposed to be "free"

Hello @ATTHelp I've just received my second wireless bill and I see that my phone cresits have not yet been applied.

I'm being billed about $75 dollars for the phones that are supposed to be "free".

I saw that it may take up to two billing cycles for the credits to be applied, which I have no problem with.


My question is that if I pay the total due on the bill, will I expect to receive a credit back for the cost of the phones?


Thank you

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3 years ago

This is a customer based forum, not a way to reach AT&T Customer Care. Promotional credits can take up to 3-4 billing cycles to apply as long as you meet all the requirements.



While AT&T employees do look at forum posts from time to time, we are here to represent the forum with our experiences as customers and do not represent AT&T in any official capacity with our responses. As employees we are not rewarded nor compensated to participate in these forums This forum is comprised of regular customers to communicate with other customers to offer advice and share experiences same as any other user Although there is a small team of customer care specialists that monitor the forums the sheer volume of posts are simply too many posts for these agents to respond to each one of them.

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