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Sat, Jun 10, 2017 6:15 PM

Where can I find my account number?

My account number appears nowhere online or when I log into my AT&T app. Sprint requires that I provide my AT&T account number in order to transfer over (port out) my current phone number to my new Sprint account. It seems that you (AT&T) are intentionally making the process of transferring my phone number to another carrier unreasonably difficult and prohibitive.


Can you please explain the rational for not making account numbers easily accessible online? 


I have spent 10-15 minutes going through the various menu options on your painfully inefficient automated customer care hotline only to be placed on hold for 20 minutes (I do not have 35 minutes to wait on the phone so I was not able to speak with an AT&T rep). You could save your customers precious time and free up your customer service resources by simply displaying account numbers online or making them easily accessible - this seems like a win-win. Unless your intention is to make it extremely difficult for customers to obtain their account number in an effort to hinder their ability to leave AT&T and transfer their phone numbers to another carrier.

Us hard working people do not have the time to jump through hoops and and over unnecessary obstacles- I hardly have 30 minutes to enjoy with my family. To me, this appears to be an unethical tactic to exploit us working class people who do not have the luxury of 30+ minutes free time. I believe that you are intentionally preying on your customers with this unethical attempt to impede their ability to break away from AT&T service.


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 Hello Anonymous,


Your account number is a very specific and important piece of information. If this number were to get out, it could put your account security at risk. I will be happy to help you see different options to help find your Account number!


Your Wireless bill will have the account number listed on it. You can view the PDF file version online while viewing your wireless usage.


You can also reach out to us over one of our various methods, which you can check out on our Contact Us Page. Either of these options will allow you to get your account number.


I hope this information helps!


Brett, AT&T Community Specialist

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