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Saturday, April 20th, 2019 12:13 AM

When a Week Destroys Over 10 Years

All it takes is one.  That's a tried an true statement, good or bad.  That being said, all it has taken is one TERRIBLE experience in customer service for one issue to have me jumping ship after all these years as an AT&T customer.  I have been with them through all their transitions, from AT&T to Cingular and back again, for it all to come down to 4 days' worth of frustration, SEVERAL chat and phone agents, all of whom have been unhelpful and have done nothing but pass the buck, asking me the same series of questions over and over again as if the ticket they claimed to have put it (which miraculously "closed" with no resolution as of today) never existed.  With the last rep, his resolution was to "go in the store for help" and basically said that he couldn't do anything more to help me, even after I explicitly stated that I would like to cancel at this point.  My proposal for a new phone ended in "I see that you don't have a warranty on your phone..." Ha! Okay, this is how we're going to have this conversation.


I don't even have the energy for a full on rant because I have exhausted myself for the last 1h10m and 5 agents later in today's call alone (yes, 5. We won't talk about the other 2 to three agents per day since Tuesday), but someone once said to me that "you're not married to any company". He was speaking of career choices, but it most certainly applies to companies we faithfully give our money to as well.  Thus, I look forward to shopping around tomorrow for something fresh and new...

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5 years ago

It’s hard to tell from your post, but if your complaint is that a phone died, it was out of warranty and that AT&T was not willing to replace it without you purchasing a new one, Welcome to the new business model.

    Carriers will not take responsibility for the phones anymore. That is between you and the insurance company, if you add insurance or the manufacturer up until the point that they ceased to Warranty your device.    

With the exception of Sonim,  manufacturer warranties are for one year. AppleCare extends iPhone Warranty to 24 months, insurance Picks up where Warranty leaves off.

 If you expect that moving to another carrier is going to be any different, it’s not.   



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