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Sat, Jun 25, 2022 5:07 AM

What it takes to be a AT&T customer

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I'm a single guy trying to tell the corparatioin in today's society that just because you trip the lille guy and snicker behind the boardroom doors and draw up another plan to flex your muscles. Like in my case of the being a AT&T customer for many years, which is not the same as being pure AT&T locked to them and paying a customer stuck to their network. I'm unlocked and can leave the collective but when 5g was roles in I was blacklisted my Samsung A10 singles out for reason that are obvious, not all A10's are tossed just the unlocked no matter if prior to they where a happy customer blind to the inner workings of the boardrooms. I find it ridiculous that I'm snubbed but still pop in a cricket Sims chip and perform fine or any other network at that matter. AT&T I'm not able to call or text but the internet is fine. Why do I feel singles out. Stop flexing and start treating loyal customers fairly fix my phone simply reconfigure it to your network, or give me a reason why A10's that are locked to  AT&T never felt a glitch in service.  I'm sorry as a loyal AT& prepaid customer fir at least a decade I feel I'm  not valued as one tied to the corparate collective .  Makes me wonder is it a sign to go visit Verizon or sone other carriers.

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Hey @formerlyknownas  This doesn't belong in the Internet forum so I think he's one of yours.  Moving to Wireless. 😁

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Thanks... 😑. 


Dude, spell check?

The network is a giant computer, it requires phones have compatible hardware and software be used or that phone won't work.   If you were using a non compatible device that was using 3-g for voice calls, it no longer can make voice calls at all because there is no longer at 3-g Network.

No need to cry in your beer, just move along to a different service provider or replace the phone.

You are not "singled out".  Plenty of phones that were 3-g only, or always dropped to 3g for voice have been kicked off the network. 


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Hello Jersey3kd, learn why your previously working device may have stopped working and how to determine if it's compatible.


If you have a 3G device, please note, it will no longer work on the AT&T Network. If you have a 4G device, it may not be compatible and not work depending on where it was purchased and the model #. For example, the Galaxy S20 models G981U and G981U1 will work on the AT&T network, but the Galaxy S20 models G981F, G981N, and G981O will NOT work. You'll find a full list of compatible devices. This is because they have different hardware that is not compatible with AT&T’s network (HD Voice, VoLTE compatible). 


If you purchased an unlocked device from another retailer, please note, they are not optimized to work on AT&T’s network. This is important to remember when purchasing a non-branded, unlocked device and why you see different model numbers. 


First, make sure your device is compatible with AT&T’s Network. If it is not on the list, it may not work on our network. In instances like this, you’ll need to get a compatible device. 


If your device is compatible but is not connecting, the following may resolve the issues:

  • Program the data settings for your non-AT&T device
  • Get a 4G SIM for your 4G device or a 5G SIM for your 5G device
  • Download the latest software – If you are an AT&T Customer, software downloads are automatic. If you have a non-branded device, you will need to go directly to the manufacturer.
  • Make sure 4G is enabled on your device. Some customers disable 4G.
  • Try a couple of solutions written by some community members

Let us know if this helps!


Thank you for visiting AT&T Community Forums!


Carlton, AT&T Community Specialist 





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