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Fri, Mar 13, 2015 7:21 PM

USPS Employee discount...

My question is, does my USPS discount for accessories apply to the Pebble smartwatch and or GoPro ?
Which are categorized in accessories.....
If so how do I go about that?

Thanks 🙂



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6 years ago

Hi there @ZombieUGrant


I’d be happy to help with your company discount!


Your accessories discount will apply to select accessories. I would recommend visiting your local AT&T store where we can provide accurate pricing, or give us a call at 866-499-8008 where we can also give you the most accurate information regarding pricing for these products.


I hope this helps!


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6 years ago

Thanks for the Reply .
Please do not take this the wrong way but that is not any kind of an answer.
If it is a question that cannot be openly answered, please just tell me . I do appreciate your reply.
The AT&T store that is closest to me is 35 miles one way. And frankly they never have what I want when I go in there and they don't answer the phone when I call them.
I've called the one 800-number for numerous items and I'm usually told it's cheaper online.
Just curious about those two items, I wanted the book book case as well but it is sold out.

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