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Need help understanding your bill?
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Friday, April 5th, 2024 8:40 AM

Unexplained Increase in Bill

I opened an account two years ago for a wireless hotspot that we rarely use.  We were told 60/mo however w military discount along with auto pay it would drop to 50 + obvious fees.  Opened account in December and Im not sure how many months it took me calling every month til Aug 2023 til my bill was finally correct.  From Aug 23 through Feb 24 all was as is should be with a final bill each month of 53.49.  Mind you we only use the hotspot on vacation so I would bet we only used data maybe 2 months.  All of a sudden in Mar 24 my bill increased to 69.16 bringing my plan back to 60/mo again.  No explanation.  I called 4 times but was not given a reason for the increase.  I have the military discount and auto pay discount,   Meanwhile I had be emailing back and forth with Amanda Johnson and when this occurred I emailed her and told her I was tired of having to monitor my bill every month to make sure I was being charged the correct amount so i told her Effective that day 3/8 I was paying my normal bill amount and to please close my acct at the end of the billing cycle.   Never got a response.  Funny thing was that not only did my plan amount increase for March but I was actually charged an additional 5.67 by backdating from last bill.  I called 4 times and never got an actual person on the phone.  I paid my normal amt of $53.49 and cancelled acct. (mind you the mobile hotspot was off and hadn;t been used in months).....Called again but was constantly on hold. Even when requesting callback I was placed on hold and told it was a 10 minute wait.  I paid the additional $15.....and then I was charged a late fee. AT&T is absolutely horrible and I will tell every single person I see for the rest of my life.  If I hadnt paid the money I DID NOT OWE, AT&T would continue to charge me and destroy my credit and never ever allowing me to connect to an actual human being when I call to communicate with a person.  Disgusting!  For a measely $10/mo I guarantee you will loose or never gain at least 5 customers a month.  When I say every person I see or talk to I was not kidding.  All I have to do is tell my honest story!  How pitiful.  

I am adding an additional comment in the off chance someone actually reads this stuff.  Why is it when someone decides to cancel their service, for whatever reason, AT&T makes it impossible to actually talk to someone.  No customer service person wants to know why I am cancelling.  This tactic is not exclusive to AT&T, Verizon does it too.  I actually looked at ATT board and executive team to find a Customer Svc Executive that I could explain my story and query that person as to why they throw customers away.  I am retired and of the generation that believes that my opinion holds some weight.  I was shocked that I could not find a Customer Service executive of any kind, but I could find a sunshine person and and executive for growth.  I guess customer service is not a necessary department anymore.  That fact is more than obvious. 

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2 months ago

I am retired and of the generation that believes that my opinion holds some weight.

This was your first mistake.  We are but cogs in the wheel….a number on the ledger…a faceless voice (note: I’m a senior 😳).

That being said, yes, you have to monitor your bill regularly and if something changes, compare a previous bill.

You are correct….WE have to check our bills.  WE have to monitor usage.   WE have to follow up when a request is made.  Unfortunately this holds true in all aspects of our lives today….from AT&T bills to medical issues.

Normally, it would be advisable to contact the BBB for help but if you have already closed your account that would be a moot point.

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