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Mon, Sep 22, 2014 6:06 PM

Traditonal Upgrades No Longer Available at 18 Months

I decided to look at my upgrade options today, as I wanted to double check that right about Christmas our accounts should be eligible for an upgrade.  It used to be that 18 months into a 24 month contract, we'd have upgrade options.  Now, all we are offered are these ridiculous NEXT upgrades, or to wait the entire 24 months of our contract before upgrading.  That 18 month upgrade is what has kept me with AT&T all these years.  Every time I'd look to shop around, I'd decide that I didn't want to wait another 6 months, and went ahead and upgraded and signed a new contract.  I am not interested in the NEXT plans.  Anything that ups the monthly fees and charges me more in the long run is not something I want.  Why take away the traditional 18 month upgrade option?  Now when my 24 months is up I guess I will be shopping around.  I do not appreciate it when companies try to force consumers into their latest and greatest schemes, in this case NEXT. 


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Most of the other providers have decided to no longer subsidize phone costs. You will have to pay full price for the phone, either up front or over 24 months.

With the increasing costs of phones, AT&T and most of the other providers are requiring contract completion prior to upgrading.



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When you say "most other" you mean "only T-mobile", right? Verizon and Sprint both still have subsidized phones...




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The 18 month option disappeared early this year, or late last year.


The Next12 option + the 10 gig shared plan works out cheaper for me in total out of pocket cost, upgrading devices every 12 months, than paying the 18 month upgrade price every time.


With two iPhone additics there isn't any scenario where I don't get to keep devices longer than a year. Heck, even my samsung note 3 wants to be a note 4 now.




I don't know if it's a loss without the share, but since the share plan itself is a win for me (2G per phone, unshared, vs 10GB shared on 3 lines) it's a win win for me. Add in the included support for hotspot on all devices, and it was a no brainer.



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