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Saturday, June 10th, 2023 3:41 AM

Text logs only go back 10 pages, which is 2 days

Is there a way to see TOTAL text logs the whole month, it only shows the recent 10 pages of data which is 2 days of texting

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3 months ago

Hello there @remy130, thank you for reaching out to us about your text log usage concerns. We can definitely assist you. 


We have a helpful guide on our website to check your current usage for data, talk, and text. You can use this guide to easily check your text logs on your account. 


It is important to note that you may not see all of your text logs on your usage report. Specifically, Advanced Messaging (Android RCS) and iMessages (IOS) may not appear in the usage logs


Additionally, when it is close to your billing cycle there may be a delay is seeing some of your text logs. This message is from the same article linked above. 

  • Usage info may not be available while we’re processing your bill. Usage generated near the end of a bill period may not show up until the next bill period.

If you have further questions or concerns after viewing that helpful article, feel free to reach out, and we will be glad to assist. Thank you for coming to the AT&T Community Forums.


DylanD, AT&T Community Specialist


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