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Thursday, April 16th, 2020 8:58 PM

Terrible customer service cost long term customer

So, where do I begin? Let’s start by why I called AT&T. I called to add a line to my plan and it resulted in me now consultanting other providers to leave AT&T after being with them for as long as I can remember. Now let’s get into the how did this happen? I called in to add a line and they had to do a credit check. This check then showed a UVERSE account linked to my account. Which was preventing me from adding the line. BUT I’ve never had UVERSE and it was tied to an address I had over 10 years ago. Which lead me to believe this is fraud since the account was opened in 2018 and I’ve been happily with spectrum for over 6 years. But I guess the reps NO LONGER felt the need to help me anymore cause I was no longer a sale. Their attitudes changed dramatically one specifically but I won’t get ahead of myself.

After being on the line for 40 min with the first rep who was panicking to get a manager cause she didn’t know what to do the line dropped. 40 minutes of my day wasted cause she did NOT call back. She did not want to deal with me because I wasn’t a sale I was then an inconvenience.

I call back and get another rep named Tina and stress my concerns that I need to get to the prior rep to finish where we left off cause now I’m pretty worried since YOU GUYS brought this account to my attention after I didn’t even know of it for years. but Tina wanted to take it Into her own hands Instead so I trusted her. She hears me out and transfers me to the fraud department where I am told this number is no longer in service and hangs up on me. Once again loosing my progress

I call back again and now get someone else, I ask to just speak to a manager because I keep getting hung up on and she’s like ok will do! Transfers me to a line with dead air and I am again hung up on.

I call again and get someone named Linda. AGAIN I explain everything and again I just ask for a manager. Again Linda wants to take it into her own hands. I stress that I keep getting hung up on and when it happens again to please either call back or give me the number and I’ll call the department. She reassures me I won’t get disconnected and proceeds to do her thing. Then again says they need to contact the fraud department to where I again re-state I keep getting hung up on and to please call me back, again with false assurances. Cause what happened ? Call dropped AGAIN. And again with no call back from none of the prior 3

Then I call back again to get a gentlemen named William he proceeds to do the same things as the prior ladies as I again stress the same things like a broken record where they repeat the same things again. And what happens when they try to call the other deparment ? I get hung up on. AGAIN. Much to my surprise he calls back to give me the fraudulent account number and to transfer me to that department so they can handle it. I stress again about my prior experiences and beg for the number so I can just call myself he does so but assures me it won’t disconnect. And what do you think happened ? I got disconnected AGAIN then I call the number he gave me and what do you knowww it’s for the out of service department.

Now here is the fun one FRANCES FROM SALES. This rep was by far the rudest person I’ve ever encountered employed with a what I believed to be a professional company. I AGAIN stress everything but she doesn’t care. She tried to cut me off to inform me im wrong after I try to inform her transferring me to that department will just disconnect. I told her I was even provided a number and she went on to state there’s the problem we don’t have numbers( lol what? ) and im like ok? So explain why every single time I’m transferred it also disconnects. She then refuses to transfer me to anyone and says I could help you if you weren’t having a temper tantrum A TEMPTER TANTRUM. A rep from this company literally said that to a LONG TERM LOYAL CLIENT who was hung up on 4 prior times to her, given false promises, disrespected and talk down too. When I informed her of WHY i was clearly upset as anyone would be spending hours on the phone to keep bei no hung up on and no one listening to u when u try to warn them, just to start all over again with a new person who doesn’t listen. I then asked to speak to a manager. This rep had the audacity to say SALES DOESNT HAVE ANY MANAGERS. In what world does a sales department for a GIANT company not have a manager to a sales department ? After I had previously (with the first rep) was already getting a manager on the line before it disconnected. SAME DEPARTMENT. So I then asked ok fine transfer me to whatever department any department with a manager she then said NO. With the hugest attitude and I was like THEN SEND ME TO CLIENT SERVICES. What was her response ? WE DONT HAVE A CLIENT SERVICES NUMBER. To which I said so your saying AT&T Does not a client services number ? And she said NO. (I know I can’t make this stuff up) Which she then said we have a customer service line....seriously? So customer service and client services are not the same thing to u? ( WOW AT&T who are you hiring to represent you? ) then im like ok can you transfer me to your client/customer service line then. to which she responds WORD FOR WORD “no, if you want to speak to someone else you can hang up and try again”. I was so flabbergasted. How does it trouble you so much to just transfer me so I can get actual assistance since you clearly aren’t going to help me. The moment I was no longer a sales opportunity I became a burden and an inconvenience. To which I ended the call by saying I’m so sorry My services are a burden to you. Did she say anything ? No cause she didn’t give a rats a**s.

Then there were i believe 3 more attempts after that the next one I was on the line very emotionally upset at this point to where he’s deeply apologizing for what happened but again does the same thing as the rest and AGAIN tries to call the department and again I am disconnected. (No call back from him either and I did request it heavily to where he also kept dismissing that it wouldn’t disconnect, lol if only he was the one calling back like a broken record with the same issue each time)

The lastely the gentlemen who FINALLY got it removed from my account. But he also said allllllll the same stuff as the prior reps. But happily DID NOT HANG UP.

If these calls are recorded frances from sales should be reprimanded. She honestly cost my businesses to this company. I’ve already started calling around and will be looking into spectrum they already quoted me dramatically cheaper.

The call happened today 4/16

At 1:08 or 1:19 (called so many times hard to tell which ones were which). But it was one of these two. Eastern time. I’m sure nothing will happen honestly but at least I can make sure everyone else knows how terrible the customer service with AT&T is. It’s honestly a shame.

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4 years ago

Hello, @samiches3652,


Thank you for reaching out. We do sympathize with the issues you've had getting through to the Fraud Department to straighten this out. As this is U-Verse, you'll need to call 866.718.2011 for assistance in straightening it out.


Have a great week.


James, AT&T Community Specialist

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