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Mon, Jul 30, 2018 8:53 PM

Terrible Customer Service Agent - LIED TO ME

I called customer service today when I found that my bill was a few dollars higher than normal.  I called ATT and was told that ALL 3 gig accounts had be been arbitrarily changed to 6 gig (with a rate increase to go with it), without customer authorization because AT&T decided their customers wanted more band width, and I did not have an option to go back to the lower plan. When I asked to speak to a manager that could fix the issue he told me that even a manager could not fix my problem.  When I told him that ATT broke the law by changing the terms of our contract without all parties agreeing to the change, he told me he was transferring me to the cancellation department.  I said "Yes, please send me to escalations" and he said "Not escalations, cancellations" and hit the transfer button.  When the cancellations department answered and I went through the entire issue AGAIN, the gentleman in cancellations had my account changed in less than 5 minutes.  He looked to see if the first agent had made notation on my account, but low and behold, he had not (against ATT rules).  It's bad enough that we have to pay such outrageous amounts for cell and internet services, but to have a company just arbitrarily change my account without my authorization is not acceptable.   Then I get told falsehoods by the employees when I try to make them correct their error.  Per the 1st agent I spoke with, I have 10 months left under my contract.  ATT needs to show me they want to keep my business if they want me to renew.  I have had my current cell and internet service with AT&T for about 16 years, but will move on to greener pastures if their customer service does not improve.  Every encounter I have had with AT&T customer service has been terrible. 


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