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Sunday, August 2nd, 2015 1:58 AM

Sprint's Cut Your Bill in Half Promotion

I switched my AT&T service to a Mobile Share Plan to lower my bill by $50/month. One of our five phones had unlimited data. I had been with AT&T / Cingular Wireless for over 10 years.


I was NOT told that once I got new phones I would be paying $40 per phone per month, instead of $10 with a $30/month data plan.


So, essentially what I was tricked into doing is instead of a $30 data plan per line, now AT&T wanted me to pay that $30 per line every month AND buy a data plan. No. H*** no!


I just switched to Sprint. They cut nothing in half, tricked me into signing a lease agreement by handing me an iPad and asking me to sign to allow them to access my AT&T account. I was not shown a contract until I was on my way out the door with new phones - after 4 hours in my local Sprint store.


What I did get was a similar, and a bit cheaper, deal - the first year, because the $15 per line per month is waived. After that the price goes a bit above the $260/month I was paying with AT&T for 5 lines.


My daughter only has 1 bar of service at her house, and can barely make and receive calls. This is in San Jose, where I was assurred the fastest 4G and data are everywhere in the city. I just got off the phone with Sprint, who assurred me that there are 5 towers by her house, the closest being 0.2 miles away. They refused to send a signal booster. They will (maybe) give/loan you one after 28 days, they say. Because I have just 14 days to return the equipment, that does me (or anyone else) no good.


The Sprint rep told me, before I signed on that Sprint would still pay my $1,000+ in ETF costs even if I left them within 14 days. But then changed the story the next day when I came back the next day with my adult son - after not sleeping all night I was so angry at all the lies and deception.


I was also told it was acceptable to turn in any AT&T phone, as long as it turns on, and that Sprint has no way of knowing if they were active on the AT&T network at the time of the switch. Can't that be tracked by IMEA and serial number? Does AT&T get the old phones back from Sprint once they are returned?


I have read about AT&T calling customers who have switched and offerred incentives to return. Is that standard practice, or are those isolated instances?







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8 years ago

Hello @johnsal


I’m very sorry to hear about your experience when you switched over to Sprint! We would be extremely happy to have you back.

If it has been less than 60 day since you performed the switch, we actually have a special department which takes care of special situations such as yours.

They can be reached at 866.802.7560
Hours of Operation are: Mon – Fri 7:30 am – 1 am, Sat – Sun 9 am – 10 pm. Times are ET.

Thank you,

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