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Tuesday, May 27th, 2014 2:30 PM

SnapChating someone overseas

Hi there. I am really careful about incurring any fees and im a new user when it comes to smartphones. My question is, will I incur any additional fees from ATT if i send/receive snapchats on my phone to/from somebody that is overseas? Either when I use my data plan or my home WiFi?


I don't want to receive an astronomical bill in the future and I already made sure that SnapChat ( the makers of the app) does not charge for any international use.


To reiterate, I am in the U.S. but my friend is the one that is overseas.



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9 years ago

You should not get an extra fees for using snapchat especially if your connected to your home wifi, if you are not on your home wifi and are using your mobile data, the only way to get any fees is if you go over your data plan.
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