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Sat, Jun 6, 2020 9:00 PM

San Antonio Area Manager

How might I get in contact with Gabe (last name unknown), the San Antonio area manager concerning an issue of misrepresentation within one of his stores?

In March, I was trying to get a matter resolved concerning a new account and a required deposit. I was told by the store manager that he would have to follow up with the area manager and would then reach out to me for resolution. He informed me that the store would be closing due to the COVID19 issue and the state's shelter-in-place order. I never heard back from him. I reached out to the representative who helped set up my new account, also without response.

Today, I returned to the store now that the shelter-in-place order is largely lifted. I was informed that the issue was too far in the past to be resolved and that the store had never closed for the shelter-in-place order. The manager refused to honor the original agreement. When we reached out to AT&T customer relations, they agreed to honor the commitment, then claimed they had no record of the promotion that prompted us to switch in the first place, which makes me wonder if the original "promotion" was in fact fraudulent.

Thank you!


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a month ago

Hello, @rec1978,


Thank you for reaching out. If this was a store promotion, you'll probably need to go to the AT&T Store to have it resolved.


Could you fill us in on the misrepresentation?


James, AT&T Community Specialist

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James, thank you for your response!

To answer your question, the misrepresentation was that AT&T employees indicated they would be unavailable to carry out their promised efforts due to a government-ordered closure and that said closure would result in the extension of applicable deadlines. This is a clear violation of the UDAP standards set forth by both state and federal fair trade practice laws. It is Unfair in that it would have required disobedience to lawful orders to remain in home save for essential services (of which phone services did not apply) and it is Deceptive in that your employees guaranteed us on multiple occasions that any applicable deadlines would be extended due to the store closure, they refused to respond to inquiries, and they concealed the fact that they were apparently open after multiple statements to the contrary. I asked specifically how a store closure would affect my rights to cancel service or take part in said promotions and was told that I had nothing to worry about as those rights would be extended. Now, I am dealing with confrontational (and almost combative) associates who refuse to honor their word. In fact, the very manager who had assured us of our deadline extensions (Ahn) would not even engage us in conversation, choosing instead to rely on an intermediary to assure us that he did not say what he had very clearly said.

Furthermore, my fiancee contacted your customer service and customer loyalty groups. After being told by customer service that they would not honor the agreement, she was told by your customer loyalty group that your company would honor the agreement, only to again have customer service refuse to honor its agreement for a second time.

That is the misrepresentation of which I speak. I question the sanity of doing business with a company who misrepresents its integrity and the value of its customers if employees are unwilling to remedy an error of their own creation.

Thank you!

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