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Tue, Feb 11, 2020 10:39 PM

Reward Center Scam

My husband and i started service with ATT on 01/07/2020. We were promised two $250 rewards cards after 30 days on service if we traded in our phones. We did receive one of the reward cards but when it came time for the other one, the website said "account not found" . Today 02,11,2020 i called the customer service department at the rewards center, and they told me they had no records of my husbands phone being traded in. So i had to speak with customer care and have them update the system. then call the rewards center back. i did that and they told me they processed the reward manually and i would just have to wait for it. I asked if they could expedite it, since the error was on their end. the supervisor told me no that i again would have to wait. i spent 4 hours on the phone trying to get this issue resolved. and they have nothing to offer but sit back and wait. not a good look for a first time customer.





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a year ago


Where do you start service through - a store, retailer, online or the phone? I would return to point of sale if it was a store offer, but if it was online or over the phone it shows 1-3 bill cycles to get promotions... it’s been barely 30 days. The reward center is:

“Reward Center to check the status on your refund? They can be reached directly at 800. 288. 9983 or”

And to check trade in was received call Trade center directly at 888. 445. 6005


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5 months ago

I was offered 400 reward for signing a bundle contract with phone and satellite. $200 was offered online..but I called with questions. Call supposedly recorded. She offered me the 400 in visa cards if I signed up with her. I did. They installed next day. I am now in a contract and the only reward I got was the 200 which did not even cover the exorbitant installation. I have called over and over for nothing. I guess if they dont hear from an attorney they will continue BSing people. #SCAM #AT&T


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