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Wednesday, October 23rd, 2019 1:59 AM

Reward cards never received

my Reward cards were supposedly send out in August. I called in September after never receiving them and was told I would be “reissued”. The reissued cards were supposedly sent to me on sept 19th. I’ve called multiple times after being on hold for an hour each time I’ve called NOBODY can give me an answer as to where these cards have disappeared too. I requested we cancel the cards and just credit my account and they said “only reward center can credit your account” reward center said “only customer service can do that” sooo here I am 6 people later.  NO RESOLUTION. I was promised these cards for switching carriers and I feel like I was lied to. This is ridiculous. Who do I talk to, to get this credited to my account or make sure I’m actually going to receive them ?? 

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