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Fri, Dec 4, 2020 2:09 AM

Returned 3 Phones and still cannot get an update from anyone or money back

We were talked into moving 5 lines phones from our current service provider to AT&T on Oct 31, 2020 at a Sam's Club.  During that time we were clear the only way we would move was if we would receive all our phones in time to port all our numbers over so there was no overlap in service from our other provider.  We were assured from our sales rep that would be no issue, lots of iPhone 12 and 12 Pros in stock, I would receive it within the week.  We moved ahead with the order: 1 Samsung Galaxy Note 20, 1 iPhone 11, 1 iPhone SE, 1 iPhone 12 Pro and 12.  Five in total, all to arrive within the 7 days.  That following week, 3 phones show up (Galaxy Note 20, iPhone SE and iPhone 11).  We figured it would take a little longer for the 2 iPhone 12s because it was new.  Week 2 comes and goes, the status says "Processing" so we called out sales person.  He responds by stating our order for the phones were "cancelled" and he was frantically working on checking on why.  Upon me calling AT&T Customer Service, the rep told me the iPhone 12s we wanted were on backorder until December 2020 so I'd have to pick another one or wait.  I told her the situation with our other service plan and having to pay another two months, which didn't make any sense.  Her solution to me was this, pick a color in the iPhone 12 in place of the blue we originally wanted (which I was fine with) and order an iPhone 12 in place of the 12 Pro that I wanted, then keep it for 14 days, call back for a return and state "BUYERS REMORSE and pay a $55 restocking fee so you can port over all your numbers so you don't have to pay your T-mobile bill."  I asked her if this was the only solution that AT&T could offer up their customer?  She said unfortunately yes, that's all they could do for me because iPhone 12 pros were out of stock until December 2020.  I declined, asked how to cancel the entire service, she said that we could bring the phones back to a corporate AT&T store and return them there.  Made an online appointment, went in the next day.  At the store, we were told to go to Tmobile and port our numbers over, that would cancel the service, then call AT&T and they would help process the returns.  So we left and ported our numbers back. That night I called AT&T to help with returning the phones, they told me to return the phones at a corporate store, after me telling them the corporate store told me to call them, I asked to speak to a supervisor.  After I explained to him the situation he assured me, it was best I drove around to any corporate store and just have someone take my returns.  "If one store doesn't take your return, drive around, find one that will."  I told him I refused to do that.  He told me he would send me a label, confirmed my email address, then hung up on me before the call ended.  I scheduled an appointment with the corporate store the next day, talked to a representative, he told me to reschedule an appointment for the following day to talk to a manager.  That he didn't want to make me pay a restocking fee if he didn't have to.  So I did, came back the next day, met with a manager.  Manager basically told me he could not take my phones.  I needed to take the phone to Sam's Club and return them.  Sam's Club sales guy says that is not the right way to do its, to mail it back with the RMA label from the box.  So we find the label in the box and mail it back. Before I mailed it, I took pictures of the Label, the phones inside the box, got a receipt from UPSP (tracked it), and it was shipped on Nov 12, received by Newgistics and now still "In Transit" and no one seems to know nothing about it's where about.  I called yesterday to see when my $1500 refund was and was told by the representative at this point "it shows you still have the items because we haven't checked them in." EVEN THOUGH I sent them in with the RMA number that tracks your preferred carrier has ownership of it.  She told me there's nothing I can do, and my money will NOT be refunded until AT&T gets their property back.  EVEN THOUGH, I sent them back, and the carrier has them.  No ONE that I have reached at AT&T has taken any accountability or responsiblity to me as a paying customer, I've only heard finger pointing at each other, inconsistent processes from person to person, there is no care involved, and I have been treated unfairly for following your DUE process you set.  Please remember, you don't only provide wireless service, you provide other services and as a CUSTOMER, I will remember how you treated me.  I have friends and family, boards, forums, social avenues to also voice this dishonest treatment.


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