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Fri, Jul 3, 2020 5:32 PM

Regarding adding a line; moving a number

I'd like to take advantage of one of the AT&T phone deals present right now - to purchase a Samsung Galaxy S20 for $10/mo (or perhaps $15/mo, it was $10 yesterday) by purchasing a new "unlimited" line.

However, I would like to move a number over from preexisting AT&T line to the new line, effectively changing the plan and upgrading the phone, but hopefully utilizing the deal.

Some details I would like to hopefully know:

Is this possible? Can a number be transferred to another line?

Would this be cost efficient? I have a four-line normal plan now, would adding an unlimited line and removing a normal line make sense?

And, if it is possible, how would I go about doing this?


I would ask AT&T support, but the chat function does not appear to be working, at least for me right now.


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a month ago

Hello @HopefullyOnlyAskingOneQuestion!


We can provide you the answers on Galaxy S20 requirements!


The Samsung Galaxy S20 5G for $15/mo for 30 months is a limited time offer in select locations, and requires you add a line to a new or existing wireless account with a qualifying installment agreement


You won't be able to move an existing wireless number from your account to add towards the cellphone promotion. The new (unlimited line/device promotion) will be added with your current normal plan, and will not change the other 4 wireless plans on the account. Please know that the S20/5G installment agreement will be included with your monthly wireless bill. 


It is recommended to review the AT&T Galaxy S20 5G for $15/mo Terms & Conditions, for it will provide more information about the offer. 


We hope this helps, and thanks for reaching out to the community!


Dwight, AT&T Community Specialist 


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