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Fri, Nov 27, 2020 9:34 PM

Refused trade in credit for my phone that I sent in for special promotion and now getting the run around

I have been an ATT customer for the past 15 years and I have never been so frustrated. The lack of customer service and disregard of answering my questions has me at the point of where I am now looking for other providers. I purchased the note 20 back in September because there was a $1,000 credit if you traded in an eligible phone (my note 8 was eligible). I received my new phone and sent my old phone in a few days later. Months went by without seeing a credit on my account so I did what anyone would do, I reached out to customer service. After 2 hours of being asked numerous questions I was told that there was nothing they could do for me. How is this so? They agreed that they have my old phone but that there was nothing they could do. I spoke to an agent and a manager. Both were unable to resolve this issue. 

Here is the transcript:

AT&T: Hi, I’m AT&T’s automated virtual assistant. How can I help you today?
Me: my bill is incorrect
Here's what to know:
  • Expecting a credit? It can take up to 2 bill periods before it shows on your bill.
  • Want to see if your bill credit's been applied? Go to your bill and select View details (under Make a payment).

I'm here if you have more questions.
Me: more
Me: speak to live
Let me get you to a specialist. Please tell us your first name.
Me: david
Thank you. You will now be connected to a specialist for account support.
We are now transferring you.
AT&T: You're on our list! Your wait time is more than 15 minutes.

While you wait, check out these online support options.
AT&T: Sorry to keep you waiting. We're working hard to get to you.
Me: ty
AT&T: Sorry to keep you waiting. We're working hard to get to you.
AT&T: Sorry to keep you waiting. We're working hard to get to you.
AT&T: Sorry to keep you waiting. We're working hard to get to you.
AT&T: Sorry to keep you waiting. We're working hard to get to you.
AT&T: You're on our list! Your wait time is approximately 7 minute(s).

While you wait, check out these online support options.
Me: still waiting
AT&T: Your approximate wait time is 3 minute(s).
Agent Rigoberto enters chat
Rigoberto: Hi! My name is Rigoberto. How can I help?
Me: I bought a new phone a couple months back and at the time they had a promo for $1k credit if i trade in my old phone
Rigoberto: Got it.
Me: so i was sent a prepaid box that i put my old phone in and sent it in. I was told that i would see a credit on my bill. Ive waited and i havent seen any credit.
Rigoberto: Thanks for the info!
Rigoberto: I can totally help you with your promotional credit situation.
Rigoberto: I’m happy to help! Can you please provide your name and wireless number?
Me: david xxxxxxxxxxxx
Me: xxxxxxxxxx
Rigoberto: David, nice chatting with you. How are you today?
Me: just at work on my lunch break. trying to get this squared away. how about yourself?
Rigoberto: Well, no worries, I will do all in my hands to solve this situation.
Rigoberto: So far so good, thanks for asking.
Rigoberto: May I have your permission to access your online account with you today in order to assist you?
Me: yes
Rigoberto: Thank you.
Rigoberto: Under federal privacy law, it is your right and our duty to protect your account information. May I use your information during this chat to discuss products offered by AT&T companies? Your decision will not affect your service.
Me: yes
Rigoberto: Perfect!
Rigoberto: Please give me a few minutes while I look into this.
Rigoberto: I will log into your account and get in touch with this situation.
Rigoberto: Thank you for waiting.
Rigoberto: To make sure I have the most accurate information for you today, I'm going to ask a few quick questions.
Rigoberto: David, may you remember the date of the purchase you made of the device $1
Me: i think 9/10
Rigoberto: Got it.
Rigoberto: This year, David?
Me: yes
Rigoberto: Got it.
Rigoberto: David, when you sent us your old device, were you given a tracking number?
Me: i cant recall
Me: it came in a prepaid box .
Rigoberto: Sure.
Rigoberto: No problem.
Me: and i dropped it off at the usps
Rigoberto: No worries, I am checking here.
Rigoberto: Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G - 128GB - Mystic Gray. this was the device you ordered, right?
Me: yes thats the one i ordered and that i have right now
Me: i sent back my note 8
Rigoberto: Perfect!
Rigoberto: One moment while I check into this for you.
Rigoberto: Well, David, I checked the order you made in September and I could notice that the device was part of the promotion you told me.
Rigoberto: I can also see that we received the old device.
Rigoberto: When did you send it?
Me: around 9/20
Me: why havent i seen my credit?
Rigoberto: No worries, I am checking so.
Rigoberto: I will verify if the the dates were good followed.
Me: thank you
Rigoberto: You're welcome.
Rigoberto: Thank you for waiting.
Rigoberto: David, the device was received on 09/10 or in a different date?
Me: i ordered the note 20 on that date
Me: and then i sent back my old device around 9/20
Rigoberto: Sure, but, just to confirm, when did you receive the new device?
Me: i cant recall. not too long after i placed it. I would say maybe 3-5 days after the 9/10 i activated my new note 20.
Rigoberto: Sure, thanks for that information, David.
Rigoberto: David, I ask all these questions since I want to make sure the device was sent in the correct dates.
Rigoberto: Thank you for waiting.
Rigoberto: David, when you received the trade in box package, were you given the invoice number via email?
Me: xxxxxxxxxxxx - att trade-in id
Rigoberto: Got it.
Rigoberto: One moment while I check into this for you.
Rigoberto: Please make sure to click in the arrow that is above of your chat so you can move to persistent window this makes the chat into a personal window to avoid losing connection.
Me: Your order number: xxxxxxxxxx was delivered. Enjoy!
Me: i also found this
Rigoberto: Perfect!
Rigoberto: Thank you.
Rigoberto: David, how much was the value of the device you returned?
Me: 1000
Rigoberto: Got it.
Rigoberto: Thank you for waiting.
Me: its been about an hour and i need to get back to work.
Me: do you know how much longer this will take?
Rigoberto: Please allow me a moment to check this for you.
Rigoberto: David, I have some updates for you. I was checking and even though we received the device, I can see that it was sent with the wrong label. It was sent with a label different from the of of the trade in.
Me: and you are going to fix this?
Rigoberto: Let me check this you.
Rigoberto: David, may I know the exact model of the device you sent, please?
Me: note 8
Rigoberto: Storage?
Me: are you unable to see this information? I do not recall. But it should be on my account
Me: if you can see that att has my old phone that i sent back in. why am i still being asked questions?
Rigoberto: Since the device was sent time ago, the current information is different from this one.
Me: this has taken an hour
Rigoberto: I just want you to clarify me some things.
Rigoberto has left the chat
You are being transferred, please hold...
Agent Nataly enters chat
Me: i am able to answer the questions but i do need this to be wrapped up quickly please
Nataly: Hi, My Name is Nataly Manager In charge, please allow me a moment while I review the chat.
Nataly: I comprehend your point. I just want you to have the correct information. The promotion required an special return label, since this label was not used the account is not eligible for the promotion
Me: how was the correct label not used?
Me: i sent it back and you have my old phone
Me: that has been confirmed.
Me: id like to speak to someone that can resolve this. I have been working on this for an hour today and have been waiting months for my credit.
Me: This is not the service that i am accustomed to with att
Nataly: 877-244-9829 I recommend call to our trade-in team to check what they can do about the old device, since all the trade-ins are final
Me: can they join the chat? what department is this? why are YOU unable to resolve this?
Me: hello?
Me: why am i being ignored?
Nataly: I am sorry but they are available only via chat
Me: only via chat?
Me: or call?
Me: Nataly is there another manager there that i can please chat with?
Nataly: Via phone*
Nataly: We are the highest Authority over the chat since we can handle all the concerns and provide with a real resolution or state when no other resolution is available.
Me: I asked if there was another manager. Not if there is someone higher than yo
Me: uoi*
Me: you*
Nataly: As a manager or supervisor I am unable to transfer a chat to another manager or supervisor since we all have the same tools and authority.
Me: are you a manager or supervisor?
Me: what number can i contact this office at?
Nataly: Yes, I am.
Nataly: You can contact us at 800-801--1101 which is the number of customer care
Nataly: Or you can call at 877-244-9829 which is the trade-in team.
Me: is there a at&t customer resolution phone #?




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Credits start within 3 bills, so December is still possible 

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