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Thursday, January 4th, 2024 8:25 PM

Ready to initiate arbitration, lodge a complaint with the bbb, irs, tigta, cfpba and acp as well as others

I have been taken for a ride with att, spent more than 48 hours (not willingly) on the phone trying to correct all the errors, unauthorized lines, charges and billing errors, we lost the numbers that were ported over that just stopped working 3 days after they were “ successfully” ported in from our old provider and of course, after the old providers account was closed so we lost the numbers that we had paid so much money to have printed on dog collars, leashes, car magnets, T-shirts, hoodies, dog hoodies, contracts, micro chips, dog tags, car, wraps, car magnets, advertisements, business cards, the whole 9 yards you get the idea. There was even dogs that lost their lives due to being euthanized because the adopter cannot contact us when our lines were suspended after AT&T promised that this would not happen again, I mean I’ve really just been put through the loops, and AT&T has given us some credits on our account, but not even close to what this whole, insane situation has cost us monetarily emotionally mentally and the lives that were lost due to it. And what I’ve mentioned above is just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many other unresolved issues they have left us damaged. This is my final attempt to reach out to AT&T to see if they’re willing to come to an agreement that both parties are happy with as well as being made whole once again so AT&T, I will give you 48 hours to contact me to start trying to resolve this unfortunate and devastating situation as it is my wish to handle this matter between us & AT&T privately (aside from this notice) as I would hate to think that AT&T is OK treating their customers in such a way I have experienced and continue to experience with no resolution. I would like to remain a loyal AT&T customer for many years to come if we can come to a satisfactory agreement, and the quality of customer service in which I experience from here on out greatly improves so please contact me within the next 48 hours. I look forward to a much better experience than I have received in the past and hearing from you very soon I hope this finds you well.

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3 months ago

This is not a place to request contact from AT&T because it is primarily a customer to customer, peer to peer forum.  Now AT&T help May contact you through the forum, but it may take days for them to do so.

You listed a whole bunch of alphabet agencies that have absolutely nothing to do with cellular service, or your problem.

To begin the process, which takes months, you file a formal dispute.

But it might be faster to file an better business bureau complaint online.   The complaint is forwarded to att upper management, and they call you..

 It gets a response in a couple business days 

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