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Sat, Aug 15, 2015 6:18 AM

Question about new mobile share value plans pricing

So I am excited to sign up for the new 15 GB promo plan. I'm currently on 10 GB Mobile Share plan and am financing my iPhone on Next. I see the plans have been launched as of 08/15/2015 and the pricing for 15 GB has been matched to price for 10 but whenever I log in to change it in app or on it shows me the promotion plans and the Canada and Mexico included but the 15 GB Promo plan keeps showing as $130 and not $100 as advertised. Anybody know why? Thank you.


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5 years ago

Hey There @iphoneguy86,


The new Mobile Share Value promotion is an exceptional offer; I can see why you were trying to switch your plan ASAP! 


I think you were trying to switch your plan before the website fully reflected the pricing details.  If you click here, you should be seeing the 15GB for $100/mo. Offer now!  Just to remind you: the new promotional Mobile Share Value 15GB or higher plans includes Unlimited Talk & Text to Mexico and Canada!

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