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Fri, Oct 28, 2011 2:30 AM

Question about account notification texts

I have 3 lines on my account. When I change a feature or when I make a payment, my husband gets a text notifying him of the change/payment. I am the account holder, his line isn't primary. Is there a way to have these notifications sent to my phone instead? I didn't see anything on the AT&T website about it. The funny thing is, they have my son as primary? You would think the notifications would go to his phone. O_o.


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9 years ago

You need to call care and have them list your number as the Primary Account Holder. If that isn't listed, the number that comes first numerically will get the notifications.
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9 years ago

Not sure but did you check your OLAM? I know you can change the name on a line from there but maybe you can find what you're looking for there, also. 



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