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Tuesday, January 24th, 2023 4:58 PM

Possibly cancel

I have had nothing but issue's trying to activate phones..rude manager!!!!!

Now today 4 calls I answered noone was speaking as if they were trying to get a call quota.

Im am beyond upset and so disappointed with this company. It really upsets me..I have had covid almost 2 months also and injury from car accident. Just for me to have called was very difficult because of illness and injury.

Please have someone..possibly a nice manager..if you have one call me at 4:15pm would be appreciated as I am on fence line of cancelling.

Kind Regards,


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11 months ago

This forum is populated by other customers. You have to call customer service to cancel any service. Return period is 14 days. You'll have to pay off installments off if outside of the return period in order to cancel. If within the return period you'll need to return any purchased devices back to point of sale.

Spam calls exist on all networks. I'd stop answering if you don't recognize the number and/or aren't expecting a call. 

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