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Monday, December 19th, 2022 7:11 PM

Port cancelation request to new At&t account, new # & SIM replacement, account cancelled instead, terminated installment plan HELP

My husband has prepaid service with At&t. I've had free service through Qlink for 6 years, same number but service was terrible where I live. His quality of service out here is impeccable.

Little over a week ago, I broke my phone. My husband decided to get me a new one for Christmas from Best Buy, on an installment plan and postpaid unlimited service. He requested my Qlink number to that line. It was conveyed to us it was available to port. We pick up the phone, open the box and took out the SIM card inside, install, turn on device expecting service. There was no service. Soon after I realized that under the order sticker on the box was the SIM card that had the port requested number attached to it. So I installed that one, turn it on, still no service. Call 611, closed. Check port status and online. It says my provider informed At&t that there was a port protection on that number, I need to contact them and request its removal. After 5 days of getting no response through any channel of communication, I called At&t port activation line and ask if its possible to stop the port request and just be assigned a new number. I verified the account info and the CSR said it was fine, I could wait for a new SIM to be mailed or go t my nearest At&t store and just get a new SIM set up. I chose the latter. At this point, I've been without phone service for 7 days. The one closet to me is 30 minutes away was closed 3 hours before the time post on their door and website. The next closest one is 15 minutes further but I go and and they tell me that I cant do anything but unless my husband logs in to his account or calls and adds me as a authorized user. He logs in to the account and it says the service has been cancelled and a request for full payment of the device has been issued as a result if the cancellation of service.

And he's still being billed $125 for the installment payment, 30 days of service and the one time charge that was part of the installment plan.

I thought maybe I could use that first SIM that had been in the box and activate it, so I could contact billing and straighten that mess out, not have to take my husband away from work to have him present at the At&t store, that would impossible.

He had to leave me his phone today to try and straighten it out and Im hoping someone can point me where to start. His next day off is Christmas day and I am not even going to think about this not being resolved before then. 

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1 year ago

Given the situation, return the phone to AT&T and cancel. Replace your Q Link phone and continue to use their service and then tell you have all your ducks in a row. 

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