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Monday, January 31st, 2022 1:38 AM

poor customer service

Let me start by saying that the lack of customer service and the inability for anyone to take accountability on behalf of your company is disgusting and had I not paid 1900 i would nor even continued with trying to obtain this service as i ' m 7 hours in and still no resolution, no phone, no service. and the fact that no one tried to help when i am actually trying to obtain service to provide your company of lazy individuals my money to pay their bills  and the lack of customer service i experienced needs to be addressed. I started the journey this morning at 12ish to obtain 3 iphone 13 pro max things were going good until no problem on your end i had pending balance from when i had your service before and left due to customer service or the lack thereof.. However, after recd the error of balance due during the checkout process I obtained my old login and processed a payment for 1496 that was owed. From there I continued with the original process thinking that it will be a smooth ride home... oh how foolish and dumb was i to think it would be that easy especially with the type of indivduals you had working for you...however, i proceeded to again checkout and recd an error again. I then proceeded to get help and this time (first time of contact) I spoke with ash and eventually ash supervisor (see attachment transcript) these 2 were wonderful and amazing. They were clear, detailed of what they can offer me, sales driven kept me intuned with online and not the store. ash and her supervisor (Francey) did their best to execute the sale and they absolutely deserved it as they offered me the capability to obtain all 3 phones today by completing the following for me through the orders dept.

  1. Allowing the outstanding taxes to be paid with the first monthly bill
  2. Removing all 3 activation charges
  3. Having all 3 of the phone delivered by 7pm today or me pick them up 

They offered me this within minutes of speaking. They caught my attention and kept me engaged and it was amazing until francey rec’d an error message processing my request stating that there was still a pending balance that needed to be paid  from u verse services. She provided me with the number to take care of that as she said it was out of job capabilities. From that moment it has been the worst experience. After calling the number she provided me in the chat and going through the props the automated machine stated the dept was closed and i have to call back this was about 3 other chat reps in and being on hold to not even get any further. Eventually i ran across another sweet lady who found the account sent me a link and allowed me to pay the balance of 350 now we are about 1800-1900 give or take i have spent to get the service and free phones and it's now 8:00pm and i have not even accomplished placing the order of this as i have spoken with so many people who has sent me to another worthless individual who again points the finger at what the other needs to do or have not done and not take charge and say hey this guy been trying to get service since 1230pm let me take the extra step and warm transfer or i know i am messaging today but let me call and try to assist him better not one did that after ash francey and the other lady except for jairus who by now live been at a computer an on the phone as if i been on your payroll completing a full shift with nothing to show for it . Jarius completed a manager request, explained to me the dynamic of debt and why they were closed and etc… he took the intuitive care of the amount of bull and said hey what kind of resolution can inprovie to make his experience at least not so awful.. And he did just by showing he cared and making that extra call to get me taken care of (currently awaiting for the team lead call) but below will be the key points of my diquistung journey with your team you call “customer service”

  • Online chat continues to crash on your end which ends conversation in the midst of them forcing me to explain this situation to a new person which was a pointless waste of time.
  • The chat users and the inability to contact someone via phone to obtain a better understanding and to avoid what i experienced today and no one could do that 
  • The fact that i started this endeavor at 1215 and it is now 8 hours later and i have nothing but a headache and a bank account debited of 1900 dollars 
  • The fact that my time is not important to you and i had to sit here and do what your people are getting paid to do in order to provide me the customer with a resolution i basically worked for those phones today.
  • Lastly the issue from the lack of communication i have the transcripts with the reference number so  don't have to explain the story again and to put everyone on one accord  as i was trying to avoid the inconsistent resolutions of what i was told from ash and francey and what whomever can do at that moment. At this time I am already 7-8 hours into trying to get 3 phones and now being told that the entire time i spent on the phone and laptop was pointless because the accommodations request would not be granted…
  • I demand my 3 phones delivered to me tomorrow by noon with nothing else coming out o my pocket because for me to feel as if i complete a shift and still have no phone makes me sick to my stomach and you must think ill be a fool if i go back in my pocket and give your horrible of service another dime…. If I had not spent 1900 I wouldn't even be writing this letter… 

Now I demand the department or operations manager contact me immediate not a supervisor nor a team lead. I want those who I complained to listen and do something about it…. 

Signed, Diary of a mad, disgusted, mortified, frustrated, drained man

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2 years ago

  • I demand my 3 phones delivered to me tomorrow by noon with nothing else coming out o my pocket because for me to feel as if i complete a shift and still have no phone makes me sick to my stomach and you must think ill be a fool if i go back in my pocket and give your horrible of service another dime…. If I had not spent 1900 I wouldn't even be writing this letter… 

This is not a way to reach AT&T. You can demand all you want. You owed the money for services rendered in the past. You did not give AT&T the money out of the goodness of your heart. You are not entitled to free equipment or services and must pay just like everyone else. 

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2 years ago

There is no one here who goes by the title of operations manager. This is a primarily customer populated forum and not a way to get in contact with a t and t while there are customer service reps occasionally on the Forum, there's no guarantee they will see your post. They aren't always very good at reading the short ones so I can't imagine that this novel he is going to be digested properly. 

My take-away

 You were nearly $2,000 in debt to AT&T, and now it's paid up.   Do you think if your debt didn't exist this might have been a simple process? 

I'm pretty sure. 

State law on sales tax varies from state-to-state. If your state requires the sales tax be paid up front, AT&T has no choice but to collect it up front. 

AT&T does not deliver phones. Certainly not next day. They either ship phones through FedEx, UPS or the Postal Service. Or they use a third-party Courier Service called "Enjoy".  Please search this forum or Google before you allow "Enjoy" to hand deliver.  Reviews are abysmal. 

The way I see it a T & T has its past due now brought up to date. Often times if there is past due or bad debts they require deposits oh, and a new credit check in order to sell you service or products. I don't think throwing your weight around and making demands is going to make much of a difference.   They are going to consider you're willingness or ability to pay only if they have you over a barrel, and may decide that Verizon deserves you more than they do. 

Just an opinion as a small business owner, but yikes. 


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