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Need help understanding your bill?

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Friday, September 29th, 2023 3:07 PM

Poor communication

Why dont I receive TXT or a phone calls about my bill then you guys just shut off the service in the middle of Day!!! I REGRET LEAVING T-MOBILE NOW ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU CHARGE A  $40 (Edited per community guidelines) RESTORE FEE.

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2 months ago

You can set your notification preferences in your online account

Since all of the current plans require you be on autopay in order to get a $10 per phone line discount, why are you not on AutoPay?

   If you purposely turned auto-pay off because you did not have enough to pay on the date auto-pay is usually taken, which is 2 days before the due date. It seems to me you knew when your due date was, and that you did not have enough to pay it.  

Unless you have a pattern of consistently paying late, or a brand new customer,  you have to be *very* late in order to get suspended. 

I don't think the problem is the service provider, or lack of notification. It's your lack of attention, and not using AutoPay and paying your bill on time

The restore fee is meant to be punitive. So that you will be more conscientious next time

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